Xing Huo
Xing Huo
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Relations Fei Wang Reed (creator)
Yuuko Ichihara(Possibly cloned after her)
Powers Use of magic
Interdimmensional Travel
Gender Female
First Appearance
Chapter 001 - "The World of Beginnings"
First Appearance
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Episode 1 - "Destinies Converge"
Last Appearance
Chapter 120 - "The Unheard Voice"
Last Appearance
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Episode 2 - "The Boy's Right Eye"
Seiyuu Sanae Kobayashi
English Laura Bailey

Xing Huo is a villain in Clamp's series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


Xing Huo is Fei Wang's assistant. Not much about her is known besides the fact she is Fei Wang's assistant and was somewhat also a "failed creation". However, as the story progresses her character has more depth. In Volume 15 of the manga she helps the original Syaoran go to Yūko after he awakened (Volume 09 of ×××HOLiC), but stated she can only do it once. Her reason to him was "If the dream does not end." She is killed by Fei Wang shortly afterwards, using a blade similar to the one that killed Kurogane's mother. Her helping Syaoran was inevitable, as Fei Wang Reed states "Considering your origins, I suppose it couldn't have been helped". In Chapter 178 she make an appearance in a flashback of her and Fei while he was explaining the clone soul of Sakura, along with other girls who are also crossed over from other Clamp works.

Possible Identity

With the revelation that Fei Wang was attempting to bring Yuuko Ichihara back from the dead, Xing Huo could be a clone of Yuuko. If this is true, then Yuuko's real name may be Xing Huo.


  • While sending Syaoran to Yūko, the circle Xing Huo uses is identical to Clow Reed's magic circle. However, in Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations, Xing Huo uses the magic circle used by Yukito instead.
  • Unlike Fei Wang's other creations (Kyle and Syaoran) and Fei Wang himself, Xing Huo does not break apart when she is killed.