The Return of the Card Captor


It is a Fanfiction of CCS (Card Captor of the most accomplishing anime in the history...It is a shoujo type anime..

Sakura Kinomoto is a 10 year old grade 4,average school.a girl who is known for her energetic mood.The best cheerleader in her club and The only card captor in the world.

The story starts when Sakura heard something from their was coming from a Mysterious book.Inside of it was strange cards.she read the word Windy,then a Srrange wind came and blew the other cards.and been scattered all over japan.a plush toy came out in the cover of the book.He was Cereberus(keroberos as pronounce in japanese),the guardian of the clow cards.He appointed Sakura to search for it.first Sakura dont agree but later she loved her job.together with her bestfriend,Tomoyi Daibouji,the one responsible for creating Sakura's beautiful costume and filming sakura's battle.And Shaoran Lee,from Hongkong,sakura's first rival for getting the cards but later on shaoran realized that Sakura is the rightfull owner of the cards.they've been friends and later on shaoran realized to his self that he loves sakura.later on the series Sakura at Shaoran is been test by Yue.the jugde and another guardian of the cards.Also the false form of Yukito Tsukihiro,Sakura pass the judgement.Now sakura is the New Mistress of the clow cards..Later on called Sakura Cards.

But, ,,,how about Shaoran and Sakura's love story???

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