aka Lucarne-Artemis

  • I live in ThE WoRld Of MaGiC
  • I was born on November 26
  • My occupation is Empress Of Magic
  • I am Female (OF COURSE)
  • Lucarne-Artemis

    Cardcaptor Sakura : Mangestu is one of the Newest Fan-made Sagas only avalible on Wattpad 

    • Information : Sakura is now in Middle School and she is learning about something new each day but when the cards go missing , she loses power , she must find the source of this cause , will she find the source? , Will she gained her powers or will she loss more power?
    • Days When Updated : Thursday , Friday - Sunday
    • Chapters : 2 
    • Progress : On Going
    • Total Of Reads : 76 (Current)
    • Author : SailorLuna22

    SailorLuna22 True Identidy is a young 13 year old girl now enrolling in 8th grade , she is a girl who dreams of being a writer or an Anime/Manga Artist , she is intrested in writing for now , Anime/Manga Paradise , she does admit to watch anime above her age rang…

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