xxxHOLiC is an amazing anime and manga. Watanuki is really geting really strong and becoming a good shop owner. I love the chapter when Watanuki met with Syaora, Fay, Kurogane, and white Mokona. I wish they would meet all of them, including Sakura, Himawari and Yuuko. But thanks to Watanuki, Syaoran went to Clow Country to meet Sakura. Doumeki now is well... is kinda weird, that I feel like Doumeki likes Watanuki and more than just friends. Doumeki is strong but I still like Watanuki better. Himawari likes Watanuki but can only meet once a year, that sucks! Maru and Moro is getting really adorable. I almost cried when I saw the chapter when Yuuko dies, I felt the same way like Maru and Moro.

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