I've started reading the Clear Cards manga and I've noticed that some of them have the same powers as the Clow Cards and I'm going by the Manga but I should note some of them are similar to the ones that appeared in the anime

  • Action - ??? 
  • Aqua - The Watery 
  • Flight - The Fly
  • Gale - The Windy
  • Lucid - ??? (I think it might be similiar to The Ilusion) 
  • Record - ??? (I think it might be similiar to The Song in the anime)
  • Reflect - The Mirror
  • Siege- ??? (it's like a combination of the Lock in the anime, The Shield and The Maze)
  • Snooze - ??? (but it is similiar to The Sleep in the anime) 
  • Spiral - The Maze 

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