• Draph91

    Clear Cards

    August 1, 2017 by Draph91

    I've started reading the Clear Cards manga and I've noticed that some of them have the same powers as the Clow Cards and I'm going by the Manga but I should note some of them are similar to the ones that appeared in the anime

    • Action - ??? 
    • Aqua - The Watery 
    • Flight - The Fly
    • Gale - The Windy
    • Lucid - ??? (I think it might be similiar to The Ilusion) 
    • Record - ??? (I think it might be similiar to The Song in the anime)
    • Reflect - The Mirror
    • Siege- ??? (it's like a combination of the Lock in the anime, The Shield and The Maze)
    • Snooze - ??? (but it is similiar to The Sleep in the anime) 
    • Spiral - The Maze 
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