Tsubasa Li
李 翼
Tsubasa Li
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Also Known As Syaoran Li
Age 14 (Mentally 21)
Birthday April 1
Relations Sakura Li (mother)
Syaoran Li (father, clone)
Kimihiro Watanuki (replacement self)
Clow Reed (ancestor, deceased)
Residence Japan
Clow Country
Powers Highly skilled martial artist
Expert archeologist
Skilled Swordsman
Excellent use of magic, spells, barriers, and detection.
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
First Appearance
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Chapitre 13
First Appearance
Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 6
Last Appearance
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Chapitre 233
Last Appearance
Tsubasa: Shunraiki Episode 2
Seiyuu Miyu Irino
English Jason Liebrecht

"If it is something that I need to do... then I will go."
―Tsubasa Li

Tsubasa Li (李 翼, リ・ツバサ Ri Tsubasa) is the main protagonist in CLAMP's fictional, crossover manga series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and its subsequent anime, Tsubasa Chronicle. He is voiced by Miyu Irino in the Japanese version, and by Jason Liebrecht in the English version. For most of the series he goes by his father's name, Syaoran (Chinese pinyin: Xiǎoláng, Chinese Characters:小狼), which means Little Wolf.

His name (Tsubasa, ツバサ) means wings, and is the same as Princess Tsubasa. Since wings come in pairs, this deepens the connection between the two.

Tsubasa has also appeared in Clamp's xxxHolic.


In Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, although imprisoned, Tsubasa has been watching Syaoran's journey through the right eye that Tsubasa placed within his clone, and so when the time comes to break free of Fei Wong Reed, Tsubasa begins fighting for the sake of the Princess, as well as 'Another' Self and his Parents...

The Original Syaoran appears as a tattooed figure floating in a tank in Fei Wong's Headquarters (who, instead of being blind in his right eye, was blind in his left Due to him Ripping it out and putting it in the Clone's right eye). He was Kidnapped and held Captive By Fei Wong so that he Could Make a Clone of 'Syaoran Li.' Because 'Syaoran' Knew of Fei Wong's Intentions, he was Sealed in a Chamber while The Clone is sent to Clow Country Without any Memories. He Remains in this tube for Roughly 120 Chapters, until he Regains his Power and escapes. With the assistance of Xing Huo, he is Sent to Yūko (he can be seen Making a Cameo appearance in Volume 9 of xxxHolic). It is then Revealed that he is the Original Syaoran and was Captured and Cloned by Fei Wong.


Tsubasa has short dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes, and in addition has a slight tanned look to his skin. When first introduced, he is wearing a simple black outfit and an eye patch over his left eye. He also has red rune like markings on his arms that act to seal him. When the seal breaks, the markings disappear.


Syaoran is a kind-hearted and driven young man, who one of his greatest traits is staying true to his words. He will stop at nothing in order to protect "those dearest to him". Syaoran's dedication to collecting Sakura's feathers after the clone Syaoran never wavered, even when in a twisted situation his strong heart and fierce determination assured he never looked back. It is apparent that Syaoran loves Sakura romantically although just like his father he has a tendency to undermine his worthiness leading him to avoid the thought of being in that sort of relationship with a princess when he himself is just a commoner. Unlike the clone Syaoran, who had a cruel start to his life until his adoption, the real Syaoran had a much more fruitful start to life which shows us the true character of Syaoran when he was younger. He is shown to smile more and shows a less uptight persona although we eventually get to see some of these traits in the clone Syaoran as a result of Sakura's warm nature and friendship.


Events prior to the beginning of the story


Young Tsubasa, when he lived with his parents

Tsubasa is revealed to be the son of Sakura and Syaoran Li (who are revealed to be the reincarnated clones, thus creating a temporal paradox[1]). He was sent to Yūko by his father because his mother had a dream of someone waiting for him. His mother pays the price to allow him to travel to Clow Country, and he then meets Princess Sakura there. He was told by Yūko he would only be able to remain there for seven days before he was transported back to his world: after that, Syaoran would have to make a choice. Tsubasa always gives his name as "Li Syaoran", which is his father's name.[2] His sword is also revealed to be his father's original jian sword. His father gave it to him before he was sent to Clow Country.[3]

Due to the revelation of him being the son of Syaoran Li, and not actually having the same soul as him; it complicates CLAMP's "soulmate" rule. He is not actually "Syaoran", he is but the son of the actual Syaoran. The end of chapter 190 proves that "Sakura" and "Syaoran" are destined for each other as the last page states he is "Sakura-hime's destined person". Nadeshiko and Fujitaka (Sakura's parents) claim that both Syaoran and Sakura will change each other's destiny. Chapter 191 hints at the "Sakura" of Clow Country actually NOT being Sakura. When Syaoran exclaims that Sakura looks exactly like his mother, Clone Sakura and shares the same name, Sakura responds by saying "But... My name...". Syaoran responds with a typical "eh?", though Sakura shakes it off and immediately changes the subject.[4]

OriginalSakura and "Syaoran"Li

Princess Tsubasa and Tsubasa Li

The beginning of chapter 192 shows Tsubasa having a dream/flashback - having the conversation with his father about going to Clow Country. "Syaoran"'s father hands over his sword to "Syaoran", saying it is now "Syaoran"'s turn to bear it, along with "Syaoran"'s father's name. "Syaoran" asks if a time will come when he needs to use the sword, though his father doesn't respond. "Syaoran" wakes up. Touya (along with Yukito) comes in the room, teasing Syaoran again - telling him to put away the sword. "Syaoran" obeys this rule immediately, leading to Yukito saying he's a good kid. Yukito notices how "Syaoran" carried the sword inside of him, and how he has power as well as strength and purity of the heart. Sakura then tells "Syaoran" that she really wanted to hold his hand, but due to the cleansing; she's not able to. It is required for "Syaoran" to go home the day cleansing finishes, so she doubts she'll get to hold his hand. But she asks if it'd be alright to hold his hand if they get time. "Syaoran" agrees. He tells her how to make pinky promises, leading to them making a pinky promise (although they don't actually touch).

At the end of the chapter, there is a lone page of Yuuko gazing at the moon. She explains, "Syaoran.. The choice you make on the seventh day.. will determine your future. And the future of one other." A panel of a child Watanuki appears beside her.

At the end of chapter 193, Sakura takes "Syaoran" up to the top of the castle, to show him the stars. Her eyes suddenly go blank, and her body rises up in the air - she hears the sound of bells coming from the ruins (like chapter 1). In chapter 194, a page is shown of what Sakura is seeing in the future, which includes "Syaoran" running towards her desperately in the ruins. Returning back to the present, "Syaoran"'s running figure is reflected in her eyes (she is still seeing the future); and she screams out "SYAORAN!!". Sakura falls down suddenly, to "Syaoran"'s horror. She tells him it's too dangerous, and to stay back; although Syaoran doesn't know what it could be that is dangerous.

"Syaoran" is aware that something bad is going to happen on the 7th day, and he has been granted permission to go to the cleansing grounds with Sakura on that day; in order to protect her. The cleansing grounds have permitted his presence, so he is able to enter - even though nobody else (not even the priest) is allowed in the 7th day.

During the seventh day, "Syaoran" enters the Ruins with Sakura, who seems to remember nothing of the previous night's vision. When inside the Ruins, Fei Wang opens a rift and attempts to abduct Sakura, but the water protects her. "Syaoran" runs towards Sakura, yelling at her to open her eyes, before screaming "SAKURA!!" as he had in the vision. Syaoran attempts to grab her but hesitates, knowing he cannot touch her. Fei Wong places "the seal of Death" on her (the seal is the wings image seen in Sakura's visions in the first chapter). Fei Wong states this means Sakura's days are numbered from that point. Syaoran attempts to attack Fei Wong but Fei Wong reverses the attack, injuring Syaoran. Before Syaoran can react, he is returned to his own world. Syaoran then wishes to return to Clow Country to attempt to save Sakura from her fate. The price was never seeing his parents or anyone he knows from his home world, unless someone in Clow country learns to travel between worlds.

Seven days later, "Syaoran" returns to Clow Country, in the Ruins, where Sakura is waiting for him. Sakura states she had been waiting for seven days, and that the purification is over. Sakura reaches out to "Syaoran" but he hesitates before hugging her (much to her surprise). Sakura takes "Syaoran" back to the palace, where Nadeshiko tells "Syaoran" that she can see the engraved seal Fei Wong had cast on her, and that "Syaoran" must be able to see it because Fei Wong wants him to. "Syaoran" vows to find a way to break the seal before it engulfs Sakura completely.

The next flashback occurs seven years after. Syaoran returns from visiting another country, trying to find a way to remove the seal. The scenes shown here are almost identical to the scenes shown in the first chapter, but instead of picking up a photo of Fujitaka, Syaoran picks up a photo of his parents, just as Sakura arrives. The two talk for a while, with Sakura about to tell Syaoran something, before deciding that it can wait until her birthday. As she leaves, Syaoran notices the black wings have almost fully grown.

On Sakura's fourteenth, everyone gathers in the ruins for Sakura's "coming-of-age" ceremony. Syaoran wishes her a happy birthday. However, at that point, the black wings rip out of her body (revealing her to be in the same dress her clone was wearing in the dream world). Nadeshiko stops time, and dies doing so. Syaoran suddenly realises that had he grabbed Sakura's hand on the seventh day ritual, Sakura would not be in this situation, and wishes to go back to that day. The cost of the wish would be the time he spent with Sakura, the relationships he held with everybody (including his own parents) and the freedom, indicating that Syaoran would be held prisoner by Fei Wong. At this point, Sakura's magic circle appears beneath Syaoran as his time is rewound, and Watanuki appears, indicating that Watanuki is, in fact, the son of Syaoran and Sakua in the altered timeline[5]. This is taken further in chapter 203, where Fei Wong explains Watanuki is going to replace Syaoran as the son of his parents, and that if Fei Wong cannot use either Syaoran or Watanuki, then he will simply create another Syaoran. Fei Wong then takes Syaoran away.

Present Day


Tsubasa arrives at Yuuko's Shop

The original Syaoran appears as a tattooed figure floating in a tank in Fei Wong Reed and Xing Huo's headquarters (who, instead of being blind in his right eye, was blind in his left due to him ripping it out). He was kidnapped and held captive by Fei Wong Reed so that he could make a clone of 'Syaoran.' Because 'Syaoran' knew of Fei Wong Reed's intentions, he was sealed in a chamber while The Clone is sent to Clow Country without any memories. He remains in this tube for roughly 120 chapters, until he regains his power and escapes. With the assistance of Xing Huo, he is sent to the Witch of Dimensions, Yūko Ichihara (he can be seen making a cameo appearance in Volume 9 of xxxHolic). It is then revealed that he is the original Syaoran and was captured and cloned by Fei Wong Reed.

After The Clone becomes an antagonist, Syaoran takes the role of protagonist of the series (now simply known in the series as "Syaoran") and becomes a "leader" of the group, like The Clone was, in order to stop Fei Wong's plans. However, as Syaoran continued to lead the journey with Sakura and the others; Sakura acts very distantly with him and did not see him as a new companion. It is revealed that she acted so coldly towards him because of a vision she saw when Fay touched her back in Tokyo. She finally does call him "Syaoran-kun" (which she used to call the Clone) at the end of the Infinity Arc, saying she heard from Mokona that he too is called Syaoran. Syaoran at first attempts to deny it, saying, "No, that's... It is true, but..." [6]. Sakura's addressing of Syaoran causes Syaoran to think she was leaving because of him. She denies this, but then Fay, possessed by a curse, stabs her. It is later revealed by Fei Wong Reed (and Sakura, in xxxHolic), that Fay was supposed to stab Syaoran, but Sakura changed the future so that the curse was activated before this event.

When Sakura was stabbed, she split up her body and soul. Yūko tells Kurogane, Fay, Mokona, and Syaoran that the body should be rescued first, then the soul. The group then travels to Celes country (where Fay is originally from) to retrieve Sakura's body. Syaoran develops a severe headache upon arrival, and collapses due to it. This headache is connected to Watanuki, as shown in xxxHolic. It, however, does not stop him from protecting Sakura's soulless body from Ashura, who uses his magic to show Syaoran, Kurogane, and Mokona visions of Fay's dark past.

After King Ashura's defeat, the Tsubasa group returns to Nihon Country where Syaoran wakes up to find Sakura's soulless body in a magical sakura tree which heals the wound Fay gave her. This puts Syaoran at ease for the time being until the arrival of Seishirō, who had sensed Fay's vampire blood. He then goes into battle against his clone's former teacher, proving he too has learned from him by looking through The Clone during his captivity. Before the fight, Seishirō remarks how much Syaoran is like his father, referring to Syaoran's true father and not Fujitaka. Syaoran enters this fight to get back the feather from Outo country. After Syaoran unleashed his ultimate spell (all four of his elemental spells combined) on Seishirō, he reclaimed the feather and was sent into the Dream alone to rescue Sakura's soul.

Within the Dream, Syaoran found Sakura and encounterd The Clone, who had just entered, looking for feathers. The Clone sensed the feather from him and both of them quickly summon their respective blades. The Clone attacked both Syaoran and Sakura, despite Sakura's pleas for The Clone to stop. Syaoran then placed Sakura in a protective wind barrier and then announced to The Clone that since they are one in the same, he will end their dispute once and for all.

As they both reach to grab the feather and strike each other, Sakura gets in the way and saves him from being stabbed by The Clone. As he screamed out in horror, she told him that she was not the real Sakura, merely a clone [a clone of both body & soul]. The Clone Sakura said to the real Syaoran, "Your Sakura is waiting", then she falls into the arms the Clone and confesses her love for him.

Tsubasa li

Tsubasa Li

After that, Syaoran fell down as he was released from the black goop that invaded the area for the short time Kyle appeared. Fay rushed over to help Syaoran up and then Syaoran glares hard after Fay informs them that The Clone disappeared.

After this, the clone situation regarding Sakura is explained further. Syaoran asks Yūko to tell them where both of the Sakuras are. He then confidently remarks: "I'll never allow Sakura to die". Kurogane, Fay, and Mokona then agree to help him on what appears to be their final stop. Of course Yūko says there is a price, which has already been paid for by Watanuki. He paid his memories of his past which is why when he was in the Dream World with Sakura's clone soul he didn't remember his parents' names at all. It was paid beforehand.

He later then sits on a roof remembering Sakura and thanks Fay for being a form of a big brother to her. When the group prepares to leave, Fay and Kurogane wearing their original outfits, Syaoran makes an appearance. The surprise is what he is wearing: the clothes from Clow Country, which Clone Syaoran has only worn beforehand in Tsubasa. Mokona mentions "Those clothes.." and Yūko continues on to say that they are Syaoran's clothes that she had held on to. As well, it should be noted that the outfit 'Syaoran' is wearing is exactly the same as the controversial scene from the beginning of Tsubasa, with 'Syaoran' and Original Sakura separated in a tube. This leads to assumption that 'Syaoran' is about to meet Original Sakura in the tube later. He, Kurogane and Fay then depart to Clow country to save Sakura. Inside the ruins, 'Syaoran' imparts the story of his meeting with Sakura to Fai and Kurogane. Kurogane asks if it is information they will need to know for the battle ahead. "Syaoran" respons by saying that it is one of the reasons, the other being that "Syaoran" has witnessed both Fai's and Kurogane's pasts (through the vision Ashura-ou showed them, and through the eyes of the Clone in Rekord country). He continues the story. When he is finished, he explains that by breaking that taboo he may have altered both Fai and Kurogane - Fai may have been born without a twin and Kurogane's parents might still be alive. He asks Fai and Kurogane if they still want to be with him. Kurogane lightly punches Syaoran on the top of the head as his way of saying yes, and Fai also agrees that he will stay with Syaoran.

Unexpectedly, the Clone appears, and Syaoran splits away to deal with him. In the ensuing battle, the Clone counters all of Syaoran's attempted attacks. Syaoran asks whether what Sakura said to him had any effect, but the Clone does not answer. Fai and Kurogane observe that the Clone must have used his magic more since Nihon, since his power seemingly surpasses Syaoran's. The Clone apparently gravely injures Syaoran (the frame is obscured, making it difficult to determine whether the Clone stabbed himself, or the Original), before blasting Fai, Kurogane, and all of Fei Wong's men. Fei Wong also detects that Fai no longer has magic. The Clone whispers something in the original Syaoran's ear before dragging Syaoran's body with him toward Fei Wong[7]. Syaoran is revealed to have been faking being dead to be close enough to Fei Wong to stab him. Fei Wong attempts to stab Syaoran, but the Clone intercepts Fei Wong's blade[8]. The Clone apologises and gives Syaoran the feathers he had collected before disintegrating[9]. Fai, Kurogane and Syaoran then attack Fei Wong, but it is revealed that it was actually Kyle acting as Fei Wong. Fei Wong himself appears and states his plan has come to its conclusion. He then reveals that Clow Country is actually the future of Tokyo[10], much to Syaoran's surprise, and that the feather Sakura left there was the 'power sleeping underneath the Ruins'. Fei Wong uses magic to begin time again, and to freeze Syaoran, Fai and Kurogane, before breaking the feather from the ground[11]. Fai and Kurogane attempt to distract Fei Wong as Syaoran finally succeeds in his goal - he takes Sakura's hand and pulls her from the black mass[12], but Fei Wong then takes her.

Syaoran watches as Fei Wong's actions recall Yūko, who then summons Syaoran's parents[13], who then set about the task of "cleaning" the feathers to undo Fei Wong's work[14].

After explaining their past to a stunned "Syaoran", Fai and Kurogane, the clones are then dragged back into the tube by Fei Wong. "Syaoran" and a newly-awoken "Sakura" grab hold of their counterparts, attempting to prevent them from entering the tube again, but they too are dragged in.

After the two Sakuras break themselves out of the tube, Syaoran and "Syaoran" are dragged into an oblivion where their powers do not work[15]. Fei Wong had remarked that this was the price "Syaoran" must pay for his wish, but Syaoran was dragged in as well because he too is "Syaoran". Watanuki appears and explains that he realises he too is a form of "Syaoran". Syaoran then disintegrates into a feather (as his maker, Fei Wong, is dead), telling "Syaoran" and Watanuki to escape.

After paying a as-of-yet unrevealed price, "Syaoran" escapes with the feather (left by his father), returning to Clow Country. Once he gets there, he and "Sakura" absorb their respective feathers and fall asleep. "Syaoran's" last words are "I'm sorry"[16].

It is revealed that "Syaoran's" price for escaping the void was to travel until he found a way to make the Clones re-emerge from him and Sakura - the exact opposite of Watanuki, who must stay in the shop[17]. "Syaoran" admitted his feelings for the Princess before leaving to find a way to bring the Clones back. As he leaves, he and Sakura reveal their true names to each other - Tsubasa.

Tsubasa World Chronicle: Nirai Kanai-hen

Tsubasa once again appears in Tsubasa World Chronicle. It is some time after he has left Clow Country, and he had contacted Watanuki (whom Tsubasa now refers to by his first name) because he needed certain items that were not available in the world Tsubasa was in[18]. Tsubasa acknowledges that his request had brought Watanuki pain. The items that Watanuki had procured are transferred between Black Mokona and White Mokona. It is revealed the world they are in is "Ideal Village", and that Tsubasa, Fai and Kurogane are only staying until the person they need to see has arrived. Tsubasa remarks that Seishirō will bring Kurogane a new arm, as his current arm has been having trouble. Masayoshi, a resident of Ideal Village, reveals that the reason that Ideal World is so peaceful is due to the Princess of the Shrine, and there have not been any floods in the world. Masayoshi invites Tsubasa, Kurogane and Fai to the Festival of the Princess of the Shrine. The group later see the Princess of the Shrine and her bodyguards (Hana, Sakura and Tachibana from Gate 7)[19]

Tsubasa in xxxHolic

Tsubasa enters the xxxHolic manga storyline in Volume 9, when he visits Yūko after being freed by Xing Huo. In order to travel to the world where his clone is currently located, Tsubasa pays with "the relationship", "the freedom" and "the time" (aka the time he spent in captivity, and the relationship with Princess Tsubasa). It is later revealed that Tsubasa was one of three people who paid a price (i.e. his freedom and time) to Yūko in order to save Watanuki's life after he had fallen out of a window. [20]

In Chapter 140, Watanuki realizes he cannot remember his parents' names, and holds his head in pain, in the exact same way as Tsubasa in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Tsubasa is also shown telling Watanuki, "Don't disappear." What exactly this connection means has not yet been revealed.[21]

In Chapter 146, a hand was hovering behind Sakura. Watanuki runs towards her, and Tsubasa enters, indicating that that hand was Tsubasa's hand. He comments that it is a dream, when suddenly, cherry blossoms begin to blow rapidly. A second hand appears, and before Watanuki is able to run to Sakura, the cherry blossoms slowly cloud his vision. Tsubasa, as he holds Sakura, says to Watanuki, "No matter how painful it might be... I'll do everything in my might! So please..." Unfortunately, Watanuki does not hear the rest as he awakens in his own world.[22] but in the movie, Watanuki was able to hear every word Tsubasa says.

In Chapter 174 of Tsubasa, it is revealed that Tsubasa says, "So please... you, too, act according to what you believe in!"[23]

Then in Chapter 181 of Tsubasa, it was revealed that Watanuki paid for the price to know the location for both of the Sakuras, his price was his memories of his past. That's why when he was in the Dream World with Sakura's clone soul he forgot his parents' names when Sakura asked something about his parents. Watanuki did this to pay back Tsubasa after he paid a price to help save him when he fell out the window.[24]

Although Tsubasa does not appear in xxxHolic in person, he does make phone calls to Kimihiro Watanuki during Watanuki's attempts to retrieve items for Tsubasa's wish from the dream world.

Powers and abilities

Fighting Skills

In Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle and it's anime, Tsubasa has the same martial arts skills as his Clone, due to the fact that he remembers all of Seishiro's teachings through muscle memory because of the all-remembering seal he placed on his clone's right eye.Therefore, he has all the martial arts skills and devastating kick techniques of his Clone. He was also taught some techniques by Syaoran prior to his depature to the Kingdom of Clow.


In Tsubasa Chronicle, Tsubasa has more power and more control over his spells than Syaoran had. Tsubasa learned his magic from Syaoran. Tsubasa also appears to have a spell that is a combination of all four of his spells; whether it has a specific incantation or if it is a summoning of four spells separately to attack in unison is still unknown. He also does not need the paper seals to perform the spells.

"Syaoran's" incantations and spells from Tsubasa: RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE:
Lightning Based Raitei Shourai! Wind Based Fuuka Shourai!
Fire Based Kashin Shourai! Water Based Suiryuu Shourai!

Tsubasa's most-used spell is Raitei Shourai. He has used Fuuka Shoura to create shields and to fly. Kashin Shourai has been used once, during the battle with Syaoran[25], although it failed to harm the Clone, and Suiryuu Shourai was not used.


  • Tsubasa summons and uses his father's Jian sword in the manga, as well as his trademark "Shourai" spells, although, unlike his Cardcaptor Sakura counterpart, he uses them without the paper seals.
  • Seishirō, in Tsubasa chapter 170, remarks that Tsubasa is just like his father. It is revealed that Tsubasa's parents are the reincarnated clones Syaoran and Sakura.
  • There is a contrast between Tsubasa and Watanuki in that when entering Yūko's shop, Watanuki gives his real name (and hence birthday, 四月一日 Watanuki, is written as April first), which in Clamp lore offers Yūko control of his destiny, whereas Tsubasa gives a fake name (his father's, "Syaoran"). The scenes where they meet Yūko are very similar in most other respects (i.e Yuko's outfit, Maro and Moro's behaviour).
  • Watanuki would have been named Tsubasa, had it not been for Fei Wong Reed. In order to protect him, Watanuki's parents and Yūko decided to change his name, effectively hiding him from Fei Wong.
  • Tsubasa, Kurogane and Fay appear in episode 20 of Kobato. Since Sakura is not with them, and taking into account the clothes they are wearing, Tsubasa is still on his journey to find a way to restore his parents' bodies. There, he gets a job on a Chocolate store with Kobato, to help her to get enough money to celebrate St. Valentine's Day on the Yomogi Kindergarden. During their work, he tells her that, there's a very special person waiting for him, but since the group can't control which place they visit, Tsubasa doesn't know when he will return, he just knows that she trusts he will, then Kobato tells him that she really wants to go to a special place with a special person, no matter how much or how long it will cost her. At the end of the episode, they wish each other good luck on their objectives.
  • Tsubasa's magic circle is similar with Cardcaptor Sakura's Syaoran Li's Rashinban.


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