Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō), also known as Acid Tokyo by fans, is one of the worlds visited by the group in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. It is where a turning point in the story occurs. And in the original series called Magic Knight Rayearth take by the three girls lived by their home place from inspiration.


An unknown time before the group arrives at Tokyo, the world suffered catastrophic acid rain which killed most of the world's population, except for a few survivors who took shelter within the Tokyo Government Building and Tokyo Tower, where there were two reservoirs filled with safe water. Unknown to the survivors, two of Sakura's feathers were keeping the water pure. Subaru and Kamui, two vampires on the run from Seishirō, took refuge inside one of the buildings, only for Subaru to be drawn into the underground reservoir by the feather, causing Kamui to guard the site aggressively until he could find a way to release Subaru. Shortly after, the group arrives in Tokyo, and is confronted by Kamui, who battles Syaoran and Kurogane. After the battle concludes, Syaoran explains they are looking for Sakura's feathers. He goes with the group hiding inside the building and aids them in hunting. Meanwhile, Sakura is drawn into a sleep-like state where the feather pulls her soul from her body. Despite attempts to revive Sakura, Kurogane is told her soul is sleeping and not her body. When Syaoran returns, he dives into the reservoir to find Sakura, but is confronted by Kamui, who engages Syaoran after realising that Syaoran uses Seishirō's moves. At this point, Kamui realises that Syaoran is a 'fake' being. Fay also jumps into the water, but too late to stop a seal placed upon Syaoran's right eye from breaking. Syaoran then attacks Fay, devouring his left eye. Kurogane attacks Syaoran, but Syaoran does not stop. At this point, anotehr figure, identical to Syaoran, arrives, as Sakura wakes up. Syaoran and "Syaoran" engage in battle, with "Syaoran" summoning a jian sword (identical to that which belongs to Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura) and the clone summons Hien. "Syaoran" attacks the clone using Raitei Shourai, and moves in to kill Syaoran. However, Sakura pleads with "Syaoran" to spare him, a decision that proves to be the wrong one when Syaoran stabs "Syaoran" in the leg and leaves the dimension (after returning the feather taken from Subaru's cucoon). Later, everyone is told that Fay is dying, and Kurogane contacts Yuko Ichihara with a wish to spare Fay's life. Yuko agrees, but there is a condition - since it was Kurogane who wished for Fay's life to be spared, he must be prepared to be 'bait' as Kamui gives his vampire blood to Fay. Kurogane agrees, and tells "Syaoran" to take Sakura out of the room.

Tokyo Spirits

The spirits that appear to Sakura (in the manga only)

Afterwards, the reservoir is revealed to be nearly empty. Yuko states that a price must be collected for Yuko to add water back into the reservoir. Sakura volunteers to collect the price and sets out, aided by equipment donated by Fuuma. Sakura ends up gravely injured durinmg the trip to rescue an 'egg' that was not destroyed in the acid rain.

Sakura Kinomoto Tokyo Revelations3

Sakura Kinomoto appears to Princess Sakura in the Tokyo Revelations OAV

On her way back to Tokyo, she notices her compass is broken and that there are no more footsteps to follow. At this point, the plot of the manga and the OAV takes a divergence:

  • The spirits of those who died in Tokyo appear and guide Sakura back to the group in the manga.
  • Sakura Kinomoto (from Cardcaptor Sakura) appears in the OAV, in an attempt to guide Sakura back to the group. It is left unclear whether this was a manifestation of the same Sakura Kinomoto seen in Cardcaptor Sakura or whether it was this world's Sakura who had died in the acid rain.

Yuko accepts the price and fills the reservoir with water. Sakura throws the second feather (given by Fuuma) into the reservoir as they leave. In the Tokyo Revelations OAV, Sakura is left wondering whether the spirit of Sakura Kinomoto was an illusion created by the feather, or whether it was something else.

Future Incarnation

See also: Clow Country

Tokyo is seen briefly in Chapter 212 as Fei Wong Reed describes "a barren desert, a precious reservoir of water and a building standing like a pair of towers". This description matches Clow Country, but the group are shocked to learn that Tokyo may be Clow Country's past. Fei Wong confirms this, stating that the power beneath Clow's ruins is actually the feather Sakura left behind.

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  • Sakura Kinomoto's appearance in the OVA foreshadowed several revelations in both Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic. Sakura's role in the OAV mirrors her role later in the manga in that she helps the Clone Sakura.
  • Tokyo starts from the Anime series with Magic Knight Rayearth within the Three high school student girls named Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki and Fuu Hououji having trip to the Tokyo Tower and summoned by Princess Emeraude and send them in Cephiro.