Red and Blue Witch Outfit

Costume features in episode: 15
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

This costume is based around a witch’s costume. Tomoyo made this costume and it only appears at the beginning of episode 15 when Sakura is trying to defeat the Storm card. It was designed to be very easy to move in and to be streamline when trying to defeat the Storm card. This costume is very appropriate as Sakura uses magic and witches are magic users as well.

There are 3 primary colors to this costume, which are blue, red and yellow along with the black areas of the costume. The main part of the costume, the top of the bodysuit is black and this bodysuit is sleeveless. Attached to the bottom of the bodysuit is a part of dark blue shorts with black rims. The belt of the shorts is also dark blue and has 2 buttons. Sakura wears some very nice black gloves along with a cape and the cape is made up of all 3 colors (red, dark blue and yellow) where the outside of the cape is blue with a yellow lining and on the inside it is red. The collar of the cape is also made up of red with a yellow lining. The cape is quite long as it reaches just past Sakura’s ankles and it is cut in the centre of the cape to leave 2 large points on either side. This allows the cape to be out of the way when Sakura was trying to capture the Clow card. The cape is ended with a little yellow wing pendant, which attaches the 2 sides of the cape together.

One of the main features of this costume is of course, the cute witch’s hat. The hat is mainly made up of dark blue where the rims of the hat are red. Also there is a dent in the middle of the hat, which leads to the hat pointing downwards. Lastly, there are blue thigh high tights and just ordinary black shoes.


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