The Winged costume
Used in Episode 31
The Green Jester
Red Coat

The Winged costume is worn by Sakura in episode 31, when she has to capture the Big card and the Create card. Tomoyo designed and made this costume and it noticeably has a very futuristic style to it.


The Winged costume is based on wings and flight. This costume mainly consists of 4 colors, which are red, blue, yellow, and white . The main costume is a short bodysuit, which is dark blue, and it has white sides with yellow rims that meet with the blue part of the bodysuit.

The shoulders of the body suit are puffed out and the sleeves are very long and also form finger less gloves at the end of the bodysuit. Above the body suit is a pair of wings that run along the top half of Sakura’s chest. The wings are the same on the back of the costume and the red dot at the center of the wings attaches the wings to the costume.

This costume features a winged headband. The headband is made up of dark blue with 2 golden wings attached at each side of the headband. Red dots at the bottom of the wings connect the wings to the headband. On the back of the costume, the wings have 2 long, light blue tails that are attached to them. The tails are attached to the wings by the red dot on the back of the wings. At the end of each tail, there is a red dot on both tails and they have a triangular cut to finish the tails off.

The boots are just above the knee and are made up of a dark blue fabric with a light blue dot on each leg. It also has yellow rims on the top of the boots.

Leave it to Kero-chan!

In his segment: Leave it to Kero-chan, Kero notes: “the long boots and the ornament on the chest area make her look strong.”[1]

He also comments, “Seeing how they didn’t even rip after she became a giant, it looks like it was made of rather elastic material – or maybe it was just a magical effect.”[2]



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