Yellow Umbrella-Skirt Ensemble

Costume features in episode: 6
Costume features in Chapter: 5

This outfit was the second attempt outfit that Sakura used instead of the bunny costume and she wore this to capture the Illusion card. This Costume was made by Tomoyo and the dress is very different almost looking like an umbrella but she also makes it look futuristic since there are communication equipment on each side of Sakura's head (I think she really does have strange ideas)

This outfit is mainly a yellow color but it also has grey parts on her shoulder and a white hems on the skirt. The main part of the outfit is the skirt since it looked like an umbrella but it is also the focus point of the whole outfit. The skirt focuses out of the centre into split parts so it gives Sakura more freedom when capturing the card. It has a frilly hem and this goes all the way around the skirt. The skirt is attached to the main outfit. The main outfit is again pretty basic since there is only the yellow part and the top part of the outfit which is white goes all the way to the collar. There are some shoulder pads which go over the main part of the outfit and they are yellow with a grey strip going all around them. Although the whole shoulder pad does not touch Sakura's shoulder and this gives it a slightly futuristic look.

The tights are very white and they go just past Sakura's ankle but the tights also have frilly bits at the top of them. The shoes are mainly white but with a yellow sole and also with a yellow sides and with a white bar going over the front of the shoes. Sakura also wears some white gloves which are yet again frilly at the end but they only go just past Sakura's wrist.

The skirt also seems to split since on the Clow staff whilst using Fly, the skirt does not get in the way, Tomoyo really seems to think about these factors and really takes them into consideration.

Lastly, the headwear seems to be only used for communication with an antenna on one side although it does suit the whole outfit and does make it very futuristic but I don't think the communication device is used during the whole episode. The headwear is a yellow band and it goes over Sakura's head.



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