The Sweet

The sweet


Card Info
Captured Episode 29
Transformed Episode 53

The Sweet (甘) is able to turn objects into edible sweets or make other foods taste sweet. It dislikes being sprinkled with salt. Sealing the card causes everything changed by Sweet to revert to its original form.

The Sweet is aligned under Light.


Sweet's visible form is a small fairy with afro-like hair resembling cotton candy and a yellow dress with a similarly shaped skirt resembling cream puffs. She also holds a wand. Sweet's wand is supposed to sprinkle sugar converting any object into candy, cakes, and all kinds of sweets which Sakura finds impressive.



In Episode 29 of the anime, Sweet caused mayhem on the cakes baked within Tomoeda Elementary School for over a week. On Sakura's class's second attempt, Cerberus mentioned to Sakura that it could be the work of Sweet. Sakura tried to sprinkle salt on it and Syaoran managed to capture Sweet by throwing a bag of salt on it.[1]


Sweet is transformed in Episode 53, the first card that Sakura transforms in her frantic wave of transformations.

Appearances in Other Media

The Sweet appears in the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga, being part of Suzuran's troupé in Shara country.



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