Pink "Judy Jetson"-type Dress

Pink "Judy Jetson"-type Dress

Costume features in episode: 4
Costume features in Chapter: 2

This superb outfit is the third outfit that Tomoyo made for Sakura and this outfit wasn't going to be worn to catch a Clow Card but it was going to be used for "Sakura Dances in the Jungle" which was going to be filmed by Tomoyo in the Forest Park that they were due to go to that day. Although, Sakura forgot about her chores and had to stay and do the chores where she discovers the Wood and the Rain card. This outfit has a futuristic look espically with the rims on the edge of the skirt and also the head gear. As stated by Tomoyo, this outfit is made of elastic and not rubber and this makes the whole outfit more comfortable for Sakura to wear and also to get through the branches, it is very easy to move in.

The costume is a light pink color with white rims around the skirt and her shoulders. The outfit is mainly made up of 3 colors, white, pink and yellow. The skirt is very open and seems to be kept in a fixed position but is also very elastic. The skirt is made up of a white sort of padding that has 2 rims. The rest of the skirt is all pink and this extends all the way to her collar and shoulders.

Although on her torso, there is a golden plate that is attached to the white parts on Sakura's shoulder. The sleeves are attached to the main dress and there are 3 white rims at the top of the sleeve with a yellow dot which looks like it attaches all of the dress together. The whole sleeve is white and Sakura wears gloves that go over the white sleeves. The gloves are white as well but have a pink bar going across them with 2 yellow dots again on either side of the bar.

The head dress that Sakura wears is a pink hairband with 2 yellow dots but at each end of the hairband, there are large white wings that really accent the whole outfit. And lastly the boots. The boots are white but have a pink sole and it also has a pink rim with 2 dots on either side of it. The boots extend to just past Sakura's ankle.

I personally think this costume is nice and very easy to move around in which is essential for the capture of the Wood and the Rain card. It is also waterproof and I think this is very suitable but I think that the thought of Sakura running around the forest park in this would have been strange and I think it was perfect that a Clow Card occurred so that the costume could be used for a better use.


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