Pink and Black Dress with Musical Notes

Costume features in episode: 23
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

The Song costume has a music theme to it with notes all around the costume. Tomoyo made this costume and it appears in episode 23, when Sakura has to capture the Song card. This costume is very light weight, easy to move in and is very stylish.

This costume is a dark pink with touches of cream, light blue and black. The skirt part of the dress is very cylindrical although the skirt falls just below Sakura’s ankles and there is a cut at the front of the skirt to show the light blue ruffles of the underskirt. The main part of the dress is dark pink and has long sleeves. On the chest is a large black quaver note and to finish off the dress, Tomoyo has added a cream colored collar which is cut at the front so that the black quaver note is visible. The costume is finished off with a pair of cream gloves, which overlap on the dress.

The main focus point of the costume is of course, the hat. Like the pink dress costume in episode 20, the song hat is placed on the back of Sakura’s head and it is cylindrical.

On the right hand side of the hat there is another black quaver note to match the quaver note on the chest. Sakura also wears white coloured tights with the costume. The costume is finished off with a pair of pink shoes with a buckle strap placed around the back of Sakura’s ankle and crossing over on top of Sakura’s foot.



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