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Blue Leotard and Red Cape

Costume features in episode: Episode 2
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

The red cape costume is the first costume designed by Tomoyo, the official Cardcaptor costume designer. In the anime, it was the first battle costume worn by Sakura when she had to capture the Shadow card and without it, Sakura might not have had the confidence to fight against the Shadow card. It is also very easy to move around in, which proved useful during the fight.

The costume consists of three main colors, which are red, navy and white. The costume is made up of three parts: the cape, the bodysuit leotard and the white suit, making the whole outfit very light. The white suit is lined with gold rims and has two short tails, which do not get in the way whilst Sakura is fighting. The navy bodysuit leotard is situated under the white suit and extends from Sakura’s arms to just above her legs. This provides Sakura with some warmth whilst fighting in the night. Sakura also wears some white gloves, which overlap on the navy bodysuit.

In addition to the navy bodysuit, Sakura also wears a pair of long navy socks, which finish just above her knees. She also wears a pair of white and red trainers where the soles and buckles of the trainers are red and the rest is white.

The main focus point of the whole outfit is of course, the red cape. It is very long and extends all the way to the floor with a serrated edge. The cape is tied together with a large, red ribbon at the front of the outfit.

With every outfit that Tomoyo makes, there has to be a hat or headress to finish the outfit off. The red hat for this outfit is used to match the cape and adjusted so that it fits nicely onto the back of Sakura’s head. Attached to the back of the hat are two navy tails that are very long. The navy tails both have a gold buckle attached to the each of them.

This outfit is very detailed and Tomoyo has made it in such a way that Sakura would have no problems fighting the Shadow card, as the outfit is very streamline. Tomoyo always seems to consider the environment in which the outfit will be used making sure that Sakura will be warm as well as making it easy to move around in the outfit.


  • It is briefly seen in the opening song of Cardcaptors.
  • This is the first battle costume that Sakura wears.
  • The Red Cape costume sometimes can appear in some episodes, like in the 40th episode, Tomoyo was entered the the Dream effect and the red cape appears.