Orange and blue rubber jumper and cape

Costume features in episode: 47
Costume features in Chapter: 27

This costume is specifically designed to be waterproof. This costume featured in episode 47 when Sakura must try and change the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. This costume was designed and made by Tomoyo so that Sakura could be protected from the water.

This costume mainly consists of a bodysuit and cape. The 3 main colors of this costume are blue, yellow and orange. The bodysuit is mainly yellow and orange and the bodysuit widens at Sakura’s waist. The top half of the costume is orange but it splits and then changes to a yellow color. The sleeves are a creamy color and are attached to the bodysuit. Tomoyo has also added some finger less gloves with an orange button attached to the top of them although the bodysuit covers Sakura’s fingers as well. The cape is very long and instead of a flat line cloak, Tomoyo has decided to make the ending of the cloak resemble water. At the end of each tip of the cloak, there is a red ball attached to the end. The cloak is fixed to Sakura’s bodysuit by a red button on the front of the bodysuit.

On the bodysuit and cape, there is a hood attached to the bodysuit which has a point ending to the hat with a red ball attached to it and the rims of the hood are light blue with a red ball on either side of the hood.

The socks are thigh high and at the sides of the socks at the top, there is a red ball, which is cut in half and attached to the sock. The shoes are orange and at the top, they have a red ball attached to them.


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