Pink suit with blue cape, boots and hat and pink star

Costume features in episode: 59
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

Sakura uses this costume in episode 59 where Sakura loses Tomoyo in the school. This outfit is very stylish and there is a nice contrast between the blue and the pink.

This costume features a dress with a small cape. The dress is light pink and has lines running up and down it. The skirt part is very plain, cylindrical and has dark blue rims. The dress also has long sleeves and Sakura wears a pair of light blue gloves with dark blue rims, which extends over the sleeves. The cape is joined together by a pink star on the front of the costume. The cape is blue with dark blue edges and the cape is split into two tails in the middle of Sakura’s chest and the tails are very pointing.

The shoes are a pair of long thigh high boots, which are blue with dark blue rims. Lastly, the hat is like a semi-circle and has dark blue rims and a large pink star on the front of the hat.



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