Black shorts with long pink jacket

Costume features in episode: 43
Costume features in Chapter: 13

Tomoyo designs this costume and has quite a plain look to it compared to the other costumes that Tomoyo has created. This costume featured in episode 43 when Sakura has to capture the Twin card. In the manga, Sakura wears this costume when capturing the Shield card.

The main focus point of this costume is the very long dress, which is split at the waist on the front of the outfit to show a pair of black shorts. The dress is light pink with black rims and small yellow flowers dotted in the corners of the dress. On the inside of the dress, it is pink and slightly ruffled. The front of the dress is shorter than the back of the dress. The dress is zipped together at the top and on the front of the top part of the dress, there are 2 long black stripes going vertically and on the end of the stripes is another one of the yellow flowers. This dress has sleeves and it also has black gloves to match with the costume. Underneath the dress, there is a pair of black shorts.

There is also a pair of thigh high boots that are just plain black. Lastly, the hat is based on the same style as the costume and it is cylindrical with a black rim. On either side of the hat, there is a small yellow flower.



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