Pink Marshmallow Shorts with Long Yellow Ribbon

Costume features in episode: 20
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

The Pink Dress is not based on any particular theme. Tomoyo made this costume and it appears in episode 20, when Sakura is up against the Fight card. The material is lightweight and the whole costume is very easy to move in therefore, it was a nice costume for Sakura to use when fighting against the Fight card.

This costume is made up of 2 colors, which are cream and light pink. The costume mainly consists of a dress and a hat. The main part of the dress fits neatly to Sakura’s waist and the skirt is very puffy and it is also puffy at the shoulders of the costume. The main part of the dress is very creased and at the centre of the costume, there is a split down the middle of the costume where you can see the cream shirt underneath. At the back of the dress is a very large cream bow tie which is attached just above the waist and a smaller bow tie is attached at the front of the dress.

A pair of long cream tights starts at the end of the dress to the shoes. The shoes are color co-ordinated with the rest of the costume and they are light pink with a little bow on the top of the shoes. The hat is very flat and is attached to the back of Sakura’s head. It also has a small pink bow on the front.


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