Yellow suit with pink overall and hat

Costume features in episode: 48
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

This costume featured in episode 48 when Sakura had to try and change the Clow cards into Star cards. In this costume, she succeeded in converting the cards. Tomoyo designed this outfit and it is easy to move in and very stylish.

There are about 3 main colors to this outfit, which are pink, cream and yellow. This costume has a bodysuit and a dress on top. The body suit is sleeveless and it is cream colored. It has yellow rims and on the shorts, it is folded up and clasped together with 2 buttons. The dress is light pink and the skirt has very big frills. At the front of the skirt, a portion of the skirt is cut away and you can see the shorts. The top part of the dress is also sleeveless and has 2 straps to hold the dress in place and the dress is clasped together with a piece of fabric with 6 buttons on. The dress has yellow rims.

The boots are cream colored and have pink fabric clasped on the top of them like the front of the dress. They are attached onto the shoe by six buttons and goes around the whole boot. Sakura’s hat is again cream colored but with a large piece of pink fabric on the front. It is clasped together on the side with 3 buttons and lastly, the gloves are yellow.


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