Pink Rubber Dress with Kitty-Cat Ears

Costume features in episode: 8
Costume features in Chapter: 10

This Pink costume is designed by Tomoyo and is based on a cat. This outfit is used to capture the Thunder card in episode 8, therefore it is made out of rubber to prevent Sakura getting electrocuted.

The whole outfit mainly consists of pink and black with 3 yellow bell’s attached on the costume. The costume is designed in a rubbery fabric to prevent electrocution and is also designed to be easy to move in. It is made up of a pink skirt, vest and a black bodysuit. The skirt/vest is short, frilly and colorful. The skirt is very cylindrical and remains in the same shape no matter what Sakura does. The top part of the vest joins with the sleeves and the vest looks slightly like that of an apron. Attached to the top part of the vest and part of the body suit, is a bell. The black body suit extends from the top of Sakura’s torso to the boots. At the back of the vest, just above the skirt, on Sakura’s waist is a pink bow with long tails and a bell attached on each tail. Also attached to the skirt is a slender black cat tail.

Sakura’s boots are mid calf length and the top half of the boot is light pink and the lower part of the boot is black. There are also buttons on the side of the boots. This matches the outfit perfectly. To finish the costume off, Tomoyo has added a headband with cats ears to match the outfit and also to make it cute.


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