Pink Cape and Hat with Yellow Sash

Costume features in episode: 45 & 46
Costume features in Chapter: 1



Sakura's costume in her dream

The Pink Cape costume is worn in the Final Judgement where Sakura must defeat Yue to become mistress of the Clow Cards. Tomoyo designed this costume and a doll of this costume was first given to Sakura a week before Sakura had ever found the Clow Cards.

Sakura regularly saw herself in this costume in her dream as she stood on a building looking at Tokyo Tower when she sees a mysterious woman and a man with wings standing in the distance.

This outfit is used to defeat Yue in episode 45 and 46. It is both easy to move in and gives Sakura confidence when attempting to defeat Yue.


This is the costume Sakura is wearing during the video of her capturing the Jump at the very beginning.


The main focus point of this costume is the pink cape. The cape is a basic light pink full cut with the inside of the cape a dark pink. The cape overlaps onto the bodysuit, which forms a collar and is joined together by a yellow bow tie with extremely long tails. The tails are finished off with two yellow pom-poms. Underneath the cape is a short, white and light yellow bodysuit with two seams running up the edge of it. The sleeves of the body suit are very long and a pair of white gloves overlap it. The legs of the bodysuit are light yellow and consist of a double puff of fabric, which end the bodysuit.

The thigh-high socks are purple and are used to make sure that Sakura is warm and comfortable. They are cuffed at the top, which suggests that the socks are extremely long.

The hat is placed on the back of Sakura’s head, like usual, and is a light pink. On both sides of the hat are two half circles which are inserted into the other. The trainers are white with a pink rim and sole and have a yellow bow with pom-poms at the end of the bow, attached to each shoe.


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