Bunny Rabbit costume

Costume features in episode: 6
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

This outfit was worn when Sakura attempted to capture the Illusion card. She failed during her first attempt because she thought it was her deceased mother, and she wanted to see her. She did not wear the costume again for her second attempt. This card was one of the only cards that Sakura had to attempt to catch it a second time, another being the Dash card. Tomoyo designed this wonderful outfit  in the style of a bunny or a rabbit.

The outfit is based on a rabbit/bunny and mainly consists of 3 main colors: pastel blue, a pastel pink and yellow. This outfit is pretty basic and there is not much too it. The main part of the outfit is pastel pink, and it is lined with 3 yellow balls which are neatly aligned down the centre of the outfit. The pastel blue part of the outfit makes up the fingerless gloves that she wears, which tuck into the sleeves, and her shoes. The body of the outfit, along with the shorts, are pink, and the sleeves come down to just below the elbow. Yellow puff balls are on the back like a bunny tail, and also on the shoes, similar to the Fairy costume. To finish it off, there are off-white bunny ears on a head to match the color of the ears.


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