The Mist

The mist


Card Info
Sign Moon
Hiegherarchy The Watery
Magic Type Eastern Magic
Captured Episode 14
Transformed Episode 61

The Mist (Kanji:霧, Katakana:ミスト, Romanji:Misuto) is a corrosive entity, able to eat through almost any material, including metal bars and stone. It can also create a blanket of fog for cover.

The Mist is aligned under the The Watery card.


Mist's visible form is a thick bank of green fog, and its Card form, never seen as a visible spirit, is a young woman with elf-like ears, and long, straight hair sprinkled with ball shapes, like drops of dew left from a mist. Her hands are crossed in front of her heart.



Mist is first seen in Episode 14 of the anime during a play at Toya's high school, where the errant card dissolves much of the stage and scenery, before finally being contained using Shadow.[1]


Mist is transformed into a Sakura card in Episode 61, where it is used to dissolve a metal railing that had been brought to life by Eriol Hiiragizawa as one of Sakura's trials.



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 霧, (Pronounced 'Kiri') means 'fog' or 'mist' in Japanese.


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