The Loop
Card Info
Captured Episode 21
Transformed Episode 53

The Loop (輪) is one of the fifty-two Clow Cards. It is under The Earthy and under the power of the Sun, Cerberus, and Western Magic


Loop is a simple, small band or loop, red on one side and yellow on the other. It is often pictured with one twist so that it resembles an infinity symbol (∞) or a Möbius strip.



It is defeated by the combined efforts of both Sakura and Syaoran (Episode 21 of the anime) each using The Sword card and Syaoran's sword, respectively.


When a panicked Dash possesses Toya's bike in Episode 53, Sakura is repeatedly unable to catch up with Dash’s prodigious speed, even when using the Windy card. Kero confers that even in his true form, he could not possibly catch up to Dash.[1] Sakura finally uses the Loop to warp space so as to trap Dash in order to get close to it and is finally able to calm it down.



  1. CardCaptor Sakura Anime: Episode 53


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