Orange and Green Jester outfit

Costume features in episode: 30
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

This vibrant costume is designed by Tomoyo although in the same style as the watery costume as it based on the style of a jester. This outfit is used to capture the Dash card in episode 30 and this whole outfit is made in a way that it won’t get in Sakura’s way whilst chasing after Dash.

The whole outfit consists of 3 colors which are orange, green and yellow. The costume is designed to be not only lightweight but also to be easy for Sakura to move in and to not get in Sakura’s way. From the whole costume, you can see that Sakura is wearing shorts under the skirt of the costume. Also the skirt of the costume is split at the front on the costume making it easier to run around in and easier for Sakura to fly on her staff.

Tomoyo has used the bodysuit underneath the costume to make sure that Sakura is protected and warm. The bodysuit is a light green color and covers the top half of Sakura’s body and her arms. The bodysuit is finished off by a pair of lime green shorts. The vest is orange color with yellow outline on the edge of the costume. The skirt covers the top half of Sakura’s body and it is clasped together at two points on the front of the costume by 2 green buttons. The vest is puffed out at the rims on the sleeves of the body suit to show the distinction between the bodysuit and the vest.

The orange vest and bodysuit are well color co-ordinated with the hat and also the shoes. The hat is one of the main focus points of the costume. It is a large puffy version of a jester’s cap. Where the cap is attached to Sakura’s head, there is an orange rim outlined with yellow.At the back of the hat are two green, slender tails. The long socks of the costume extend from above Sakura’s knee to 2 orange boots. The orange boots also have yellow outlines and the top part of the boot is clasped together with one green button on either boot. These tails extend from the top of Sakura’s head to the bottom part of the vest.

And lastly, the gloves. The gloves are made of a dark green and are outlines in yellow. This contrasts against the light green of the outfit.



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