Yellow Fairy with Wings

Costume features in episode: 12
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

The fairy costume is again designed by Tomoyo although this time is based on a fairy. This costume made it’s first appearance in the episode with the shield card although it made it’s debut in episode 12 when Sakura is up against the Time card. All in all this costume was worn 3 times. This costume was made as a bit of fun for Tomoyo and she thought that Sakura would look really cute in it.

There is very little to this costume apart from the dress. The dress is the main focus point. The skirt part of the dress is cylindrical with frills (this seems to be very popular with the costume’s that Tomoyo makes.) The dress is sleeveless and under the skirt is a pair of puffy shorts. On the front of the skirt is a seam with a yellow circle at the top of the seam.

Yellow arm and wristbands have been used throughout the costume where Tomoyo has removed the sleeves of the dress. She also has a necklace out of the same material as the armbands. Sakura also has 2 scrunchies tying her hair together and 2 scrunchies on the top of her shoes. Sakura’s shoes are ordinary white shoes with 2 pom-poms which are the same as the scrunchies that have been used throughout the costume.

The main focus point of the whole costume is the green fairy wings on the back of the dress. They are aerodynamic and therefore make it easier for Sakura to move around in.


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