Blue/yellow suit with overal skirt, midnight blue leggings

Costume features in episode: 58
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

Sakura uses this costume when she has to change Yue and Keroberos backed to their other forms. Tomoyo also designed this.

This costume consists of 2 main colors, which are blue and yellow. The top part of the costume is a large collar that covers part of the main dress. It is blue with yellow rims and has large shoulders but it is sleeveless. The collar is split at the front of the costume although at the back, it is not split and is straight. The main part of the dress is frilly and is very cylindrical. It is split at the front of the skirt so that you can see the light blue shorts of the bodysuit. The bodysuit of this costume is mainly black and it covers almost all of Sakura’s body as you can see from the sleeves. Over the bodysuit is a pair of light blue shorts. The gloves also overlap on the bodysuit and the gloves are very long almost reaching Sakura’s elbows and it is light blue with yellow rims.

The boots are more than ankle high and are light blue although at the ankle, there is a yellow line going all around the boots. And lastly, 2 blue pom-poms are attached to Sakura’s head and have 2 yellow ribbons coming from the pom-poms.



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