Sakura blue

Blue Court Jester Outfit

Costume features in episode: 3
Costume features in Chapter: 3

The Jester costume was featured in episode 3 and was used to capture the Watery card. The whole outfit is completely waterproof and this shows that Tomoyo makes sure that all of the costumes are not going to get damaged or get in the way when Sakura is wearing them. As the outfit is waterproof, this proves extremely useful in the fight against the Watery card.

The outfit consists of 3 colors, which are white, blue and yellow. One of the main features of this outfit is that it is extremely light, very easy to move around in and it is streamline. To make sure that the outfit doesn’t get in the way, Tomoyo has made sure that the whole skirt is split so that Sakura doesn’t trip on the skirt of the outfit.

The are two main parts of this outfit: the navy bodysuit and the white suit with the skirt. The navy bodysuit is used to protect Sakura and is well hidden underneath the white suit. In addition to the navy bodysuit, Sakura wears a pair of very long navy gloves.

The main part of the outfit, the white suit, is very eye catching and has a split skirt, which allows Sakura to easily move around in the outfit. Attached to the end of each tail is a small ball and the tails at the front of the skirt are far smaller than the rest of the outfit. The suit is very small although this allows Sakura to move around freely in the outfit. There are two large cuffs, which replace the sleeves on the suit. This outfit also has a high collar with two tails at the front with yellow balls attached to it.

The blue hat is another focus point of this outfit. It has a white hem and there are two yellow circles on either side of the hat. Two long slender blue tails also extend from the hat, which each have a yellow ball attached at the end. This hat is designed to fit on the back of Sakura’s head in order to make sure that the tails do not get into the way whilst fighting the Watery card.

Lastly, the blue shoes finish off this outfit. It has a yellow hem and they are ankle-high with the end of the boots curling back, like the kinds of shoes that jesters would wear. Attached at the end of each shoes is a small ball.


  • This is the first waterproof costume when used on capturing cards it cannot be wet when splashed by water
  • It is strange why the underwear that sometime shown behind the spilt skirt is the blue leotard that also cosits in thus costume


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