Green Shirt, Shorts, and Leggings with Bat Wings

Costume features in episode: 7
Costume features in Chapter: 4


This outfit is worn when Sakura has to capture a Clow Card in a high security Museum. Sakura has to capture the Silent card which proves a challenge in itself. Tomoyo makes this outfit appropriate but making it a teal color so that it won't be easy for Sakura to be caught by any of the guards. Although this outfit does seem rather suspicious as well which Sakura does point out in the episode.


This is the outfit Sakura wears during her initial unsuccessful attempt to capture the Illusion


The outfit seem to be based on a bat due to the bat wings on the back of the outfit. The main part of the outfit is a crop top and there are diamonds going all around the edge of the crop top and another diamond just below her collar. The sleeves extends all the way to her gloves and the whole outfit is a teal color with light purple diamonds. The crop top also has an extended collar which extends half way up her neck.

The shorts she wears match the teal outfit although they do not have any diamonds. The shorts are very short and you can see part of Sakura's thighs before reaching the long teal tights/boots. This makes the shorts really easy to move around in.

The hat is again teal color and it goes on the back of Sakura's head. On either side of the hat there are purple diamonds and the hat really matches the whole outfit. The hat just rests on the back of Sakura's head. Tomoyo has made sure again that the hat doesn't cause any trouble for Sakura and also for sneaking into the museum, it doesn't get Sakura noticed since it is a slender outfit.

Finally the gloves, the gloves are black with a light purple diamond on her wrist. The gloves are fingerless. The gloves are circled in the picture. The gloves match the color of the outfit. In the manga, the costume has four long bat wings, no sleeves, and is purple.


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