Subaru Tsubasa
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Relations Kamui (Twin Brother)
Residence Tokyo (formerly)
Currently unknown
Powers Enlongated Lifetime
Strenghted Resistance
Interdimensional Travel
Elongation of Claws
Gender Male
First Appearance
Ch.124 - "The Price of a Life"
First Appearance
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Episode 2 - The Boy's Right Eye
Last Appearance
Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 2 - The Latter Part
Seiyuu Hiro Shimono
English Micah Solusod

Subaru ( 昴 The Pleiades; Seven Sisters ) is one of the vampire twins seen in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. He is also briefly mentioned by Yuuko in xxxHolic. He is a crossover character from Clamp's previous works, Tokyo Babylon and X .

Appearance and Personality



Subaru is a thin, tall, black-haired young man. Despite being twins, he and Kamui are not completely alike, he is the gentle one of the twins while Kamui can be rash and reckless, but they deeply care for each other. He regretted waking up Sakura Li when Syaoran lost the part of Tsubasa's heart that made him human, so she couldn't see in what her beloved Syaoran has became. Unlike his X/1999 counterpart he is not keen on fighting Seishirō, the hunter looking for him, like Fuuma is with Kamui, his appearance and behavior reflect more Subaru's personality in Tokyo Babylon, a very polite young man. Furthermore, is also important to note that in X/1999 the original Subaru Sumeragi, who has really met the original Kamui Shirou, are not the same age, in fact, Subaru is about 6 years older that Kamui.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

In Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Subaru reappears as one of a pair of twin vampires (the other being Kamui) for whom Seishirō is searching.

He makes his first appearance in the Tokyo arc, in which he talks to a comatose Sakura and urges her to wake up before she is lost to her dreams. It turns out that he himself was left in a comatose state at the bottom of a large water reservoir, leading to Kamui's fierce protection of the site, particularly from Fuuma. Eventually he wakes and is at last rejoined with his twin. Subaru then wishes for enough water to fill the entire underground reservoir, taking the blame for the water disappearing. Yuuko then makes Kurogane wish for the water, so that Subaru take on Kurogane's wish. Kurogane agrees, but Kamui doesn't let Subaru give his blood to Fay, stating that he'll "Never give Subaru's blood to someone else ever again." Kamui gives his blood and Fay is turned into a Vampire, saving his life.


Subaru is not seen fighting so his offensive techniques are unknown, but as a vampire, it can be assumed that his powers are similar to Kamui's; he can also extend his nails, becoming sharp claws. His life is elongated and is physically strengthened, and was also able to survive underwater and to communicate with Sakura telepathically.


In volume one of xxxHOLIC, Yūko Ichihara mentions knowing an onmyoji with a twin sister whom she has known since the onmyoji was very young. She hopes that the boy will be happy, but there are many definitions for happiness. The onmyoji turns out be Subaru, as explained in the extra pages at the end of the book. However, the Subaru Yūko met is not the same Subaru Syaoran and the group met in Tokyo, she has met the Subaru from Tokyo Babylon and X/1999; because the latter is a vampire rather than an onmyoji, and has a twin brother, Kamui, instead of a twin sister, Hokuto.