Sakura and the Enchanted Cards
Season 1, Episode 28
Episode 28
Air date November 3, 1998
Cards Captured The Shot
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Sakura and the Shrine of Memories
Sakura's Sweet Cooking

Sakura and the Enchanted Cards (さくらとおまじないカード, Sakura to Omajinai Kādo) is the 28th episode of the first series of Cardcaptor Sakura. The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Buyer Beware".


The latest craze at school are special cards that apparently make you excel in whatever you desire. When Sakura takes a look at one for the cards, she notices that they look like the Clow Cards. Sakura and Tomoyo stop at the store that sells them and Sakura tries to buy a card for cooking, but they won’t have it until the next day. The next day at the store, Sakura senses a Clow Card, but the feeling goes away suddenly. It turns out that Meiling just bought the Shot Card, a real Clow Card. Kero says that the card is extremely dangerous and she must get in immediately. Sakura tells Syaoran of the danger and they head out to find Meiling. Meanwhile, Meiling accidentally activates the card, and Syaoran is injured. Sakura comes up with a plan, and successfully captures the Shot.

Cards Sealed

Cards Used


  • Kero: (about Meiling) Women are such a hassle when they're in love.

  • Toya: Oh, I'm going to take one of these!
  • Sakura: Big brother! That's bad manners!
  • Toya: You made these?
  • Sakura: Dad did.
  • Toya: Then they're safe!
  • Sakura: What's that suppose to mean!?


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