Sakura and One More Sakura
Season 1, Episode 25
Episode 25.gif
Air date October 13, 1998
Cards Captured The Mirror
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Sakura and One More Sakura (さくらともう一人のさくら, Sakura to Mou Hitori no Sakura) is the 25th episode of the first series of Cardcaptor Sakura. The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "Double Take".


Lately people have been blaming Sakura for doing mischievous things throughout the town, but Sakura is innocent. She decides to ask Kero about it, and he teaches her how to use the Clow Cards for fortune telling. It is revealed that the other Sakura knows that she is a Cardcaptor and the other Sakura is somehow related to the Shadow, Watery, and Illusion cards. Trouble begins again when the other Sakura lures Toya into the woods and put him in grave danger. Sakura goes after him, but gets lost in the woods. Now she must find Toya before he gets in more serious trouble. Sakura finds the Mirror card and captures it, but Toya is already injured.

Cards Sealed

Cards Used

Character Debuts


  • Yukito: Sakura, you're very good at cleaning.
  • Sakura: I don't think so.
  • Toya: She's not usually like this. She breaks things all over the place like a monster. You can't tell if she's cleaning or making a mess.
  • (Sakura tries to stomp on Toya's foot, but misses and hurts her own)

  • Kero: What's up? You look awfully happy, Sakura.
  • Sakura: How do I look? Yukito cut my hair for me.
  • Kero: You haven't changed one bit!
  • Sakura: Yukito really can do everything! He's very athletic, and wonderful...
  • Toya: (Calling from downstairs) Sakura, help us down here!
  • Sakura: Okay!
  • Kero: I just don't understand girls in love.


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