Sakura R&W

The Red and White Dress

The Red and White Dress is the costume worn by Sakura for the Cardcaptor Sakura anime first Opening and the first OVA.

It is perhaps the best known of all of Sakura's costumes, since it is the one used in the opening for the entirety of the first season and the first to appear, as well as being on the cover of the first chapter of the manga.

According to the OVA 1, Tomoyo designed it especially for the opening of the series (which Sakura was not aware until the end of OVA). [1]


The costumes consists of a red dress with a red ribbon on the chest, and a hat of the same color with a ribbon. The sleeves are short and puffy and colored white with a white ribbon attached.

Also present are white gloves and red shoes with red ribbons and white stockings extending a little above the knees. To top it off are a pair of small wings on the back (which are very similar to those of Kero).



  1. CardCaptor Sakura: OVA 1


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