"Obey the command! Thunder Emperor, Come Forth!"

-Syaoran Li/Tsubasa Li

Li; Lightning

Syaoran using 'Raitei Shourai'.

  • Kanji = 雷帝招来
  • Hiragana = らいていしょうらい
  • Romaji = Raitei Shōrai
  • Literal English = Thunder Emperor: Summoning
  • English TV = Element: Thunder/Lightning
  • Users = Syaoran Li/Tsubasa Li

Raitei Shourai is Syaoran Li's main attack spell, using his Ceremonial Jian, and a Taoist paper charm, (A Jufu (呪符)), with the character on it. It can be used to project blasts of electricity; channels lightning bolts from the sky.  Unlike his counterpart, Tsubasa Li doesn't use the paper charm, he simply summons the spell with two fingertips.

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'Raitei Shourai' in action.

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