Princess Sakura
Princess Tsubasa of Clow Country
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Also Known As Sakura
Age 14
Birthday April 1
Relations Fujitaka (father)
Nadeshiko (mother)
Tōya (brother)
Sakura Li (clone)
Residence Clow Country
Powers Incredible unidentified magic (scattered in feathers of memory)
Understanding the feelings of living things and non-living things (especially water)
Exceptionally strong and powerful good luck
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
First Appearance
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Chapitre 189
First Appearance
Tsubasa Shunraiki Episode 2
Last Appearance
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Chapitre 232
Last Appearance
Tsubasa: Shunraiki Episode 2
Seiyuu Yui Makino
English Monica Rial

Princess Tsubasa is a protagonist in Clamp's crossover series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and Tsubasa Chronicle. During most of the series she goes by the name of Sakura. Her character is similar only in looks and personality to her Cardcaptor Sakura counterpart. Tsubasa Chronicle takes on a new story with new histories for each of its characters.

Her name (Tsubasa, ツバサ) means wings, and is the same as Tsubasa Li. Since wings come in pairs, this deepens the connection between the two.


Events prior to the main storyline

OriginalSakura and "Syaoran"Li

Original Sakura and "Syaoran" Li

In 'Syaoran's flashback, it is revealed that he gave his name to Sakura as 'Li Syaoran', the same name as his father[1]. It is also revealed that Sakura's mother was Nadeshiko, and that Fujitaka was Sakura's father, not Clow Reed. Syaoran tells Sakura that she looks exactly like his mother (Sakura Li) and shares the same name as his mother as well[2], to which Sakura responds "But.. My name..", thus hinting that, like Syaoran, Sakura may not be her real name. Syaoran responds with a typical "eh?", and Sakura shakes it off, changing the subject.

She goes on to ask if she can call Syaoran "Syaoran", without a -"kun" at the end. He says sure, and Sakura calls him by "Syaoran", to which he responds by blushing.

In chapter 192, again Touya is bullying Syaoran. Sakura becomes angry at Touya again, and tells him that he's "younger than Yukito-san!" and "although you're taller on the outside, you're still a little kid on the inside!". She then storms off with Syaoran, cheering "I won!". Syaoran thanks her with a cheerful smile for sticking up for him. He says if anyone ever tries to bully her in the future, he'll protect her. She blushes a tiny bit, but then smiles and thanks him. Sakura then tells Syaoran that she wanted to hold Syaoran's hand, but wouldn't be able to because of the cleansing ritual. Syaoran also returns home the day the cleansing ends, so she says she may not be able to hold his hand. Smiling, she asks if they do have some time, they should run holding hands. Syaoran agrees. He goes on to tell her how to make a pinky promise, which leads to them making a pinky promise to run holding hands (except their fingers don't actually touch).

At the end of chapter 193, Sakura takes "Syaoran" up to the top of the castle, to show him the stars. Her eyes suddenly go blank, and her body rises up in the air - she hears the sound of bells coming from the ruins (like chapter 1). In chapter 194, a page is shown of what Sakura is seeing in the future, which includes "Syaoran" running towards her desperately in the ruins. Returning back to the present, "Syaoran"'s running figure is reflected in her eyes (she is still seeing the future); and she screams out "SYAORAN!!". Sakura falls down suddenly, to "Syaoran"'s horror. She tells him it's too dangerous, and to stay back; although Syaoran doesn't know what it could be that is dangerous.

"Syaoran" is aware that something bad is going to happen on the 7th day, and has been granted permission to go to the cleansing grounds with Sakura on that day; in order to protect her. The cleansing grounds have permitted his presence, so he is able to enter - even though nobody else (not even the priest) is allowed in the 7th day.

During the seventh day, "Syaoran" enters the Ruins with Sakura, who seems to remember nothing of the previous night's vision [3]. When inside the Ruins, Fei Wang opens a rift and attempts to abduct Sakura, but the water protects her. "Syaoran" runs towards Sakura, yelling at her to open her eyes, before screaming "SAKURA!!" as he had in the vision. As Syaoran rushes to Sakura, Sakura states that her name is not actually Sakura [4]. Syaoran attempts to grab her but hesitates, knowing he cannot touch her. Fei Wong places "the seal of Death" on her (the seal is the wings image seen in Sakura's visions in the first chapter). Fei Wong states this means Sakura's days are numbered from that point. Syaoran attempts to attack Fei Wong but Fei Wong reverses the attack, injuring Syaoran. Before Syaoran can react, he is returned to his own world.

Seven days later, "Syaoran" returns to Clow Country, in the Ruins, where Sakura is waiting for him. Sakura states she had been waiting for seven days, and that the purification is over. Sakura reaches out to "Syaoran" but he hesitates before hugging her (much to her surprise). Sakura takes "Syaoran" back to the palace, where Nadeshiko tells "Syaoran" that she can see the engraved seal Fei Wong had cast on her, and that "Syaoran" must be able to see it because Fei Wong wants him to. "Syaoran" vows to find a way to break the seal before it engulfs Sakura completely.

Seven years later, in scenes that mirror the first chapter, Sakura greets "Syaoran" as he returns from another country. As "Syaoran" leaves, he notices the black wings have almost engulfed her. On Sakura's fourteenth, everyone gathers in the ruins for Sakura's "coming-of-age" ceremony. Syaoran wishes her a happy birthday. However, at that point, the black wings rip out of her body (revealing her to be in the same dress her clone was wearing in the dream world). Nadeshiko stops time, and dies doing so. Syaoran suddenly realises that had he grabbed Sakura's hand on the seventh day ritual, Sakura would not be in this situation, and wishes to go back to that day.

Present day

The whereabouts of the true Sakura's body and soul are yet to be found out, although the end of Chapter 178 shows her wearing the outfit Clone Sakura was previously wearing in the dream world (although this image of her was a flashback to after Real Sakura was switched with the clone). It has been slightly hinted that the Original Sakura may be in the Kingdom of Clow, and Fei Wong Reed has her captive there. He is using her to make clones of her when the other clones of her died, he still has the original to make even more clones. But also important to notice is that the body of the original is with Kyle, while the soul is in the glass tube still unconscious. So they have to save her body and soul the same way when the clone had her body and soul were separated.

In chapter 181 of Tsubasa, Sakura's body is with Fei Wong Reed, but it was confirmed that the body was the clone's. Further explaining this, Fei Wong Reed has Sakura's body in his hands. He has told Kyle when he cloned the real Sakura, both the body and soul, it was different from when he cloned Syaoran. So then the real Sakura's body has disappeared, only the soul of the real Sakura was left and the cloned body is used after Sakura gains her wings. What's also confirmed by Yūko is that Fei Wong Reed is in a "cut-off time" Clow Country with Sakura's cloned body and real soul. Yūko found out his location only recently, in volume five of xxxHolic during the soul stealing incident. By following the souls, which Fei Wang Reed has been stealing; it is possible to discover his location (though, by her discovering his location, Fei Wong also found out Yūko's location). Syaoran, Fay and Kurogane have recently set off to Clow Country for the "final battle" and to rescue Sakura.

The group arrive in 'cut-off time' in Clow Country, which is revealed to be at a time very close to Sakura's seventh birthday; which is a shock to the group. Syaoran then reveals that the original Sakura has been by his side all the time up until he was captured. He also reveals that he had known Sakura since "seven days before her birthday, right up to the age you see me now." Syaoran explains further that time was reversed by way of a price to Yūko. After Syaoran finished telling the story of his past, the group notice Sakura as the seal of death is being engraved. Fei Wong explains further that this time was 'cut off' by Yūko to allow Syaoran's wish to be granted, thus causing the distortion to grow.

Syaoran grabs Sakura's hand, but in so doing, plays into Fei Wong's hands. Sakura's soul merges with the Clone body, and Fei Wong Reed attempts to destroy the world's logic by re-adding the feather buried beneath Clow's ruins. As Sakura Li and Syaoran Li are dragged into the tube by Fei Wong, Sakura awakens and attempts to prevent Sakura Li being pulled in, but is herself pulled into the tube, along with "Syaoran". In the tube, Sakura reveals that, like "Syaoran", she had been witnessing events through her clone's eyes the entire time[5]. The two Sakuras then use their power combined to break out of the tube (although the two Syaorans were unable to make it out as the price for saving Sakura). Sakura witnesses as her other self disintegrates (leaving behind only a feather) after Kurogane kills Fei Wong. Once Syaoran returns (with a feather of his own) they both absorb their respective feathers[6].

A few days later, Sakura has a vision in that if she were to accompany Syaoran on the journey that he must take, she would only bring him more pain, and as such, decides to remain behind in Clow Country[7]. The two confess their love for each other before Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai depart. As Syaoran leaves, Sakura and Syaoran reveal their true names to each other - Tsubasa. The Princess hopes that they will see each other again some day.


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