Piffle world

Piffle World

Piffle World is the most technologically advanced country visited in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, even more so than the Hanshin Republic. Piffle instead is a futurist place filled with skyscrapers and airships.


At the group's arrival, they find the ad for the "Dragonfly Race". A "dragonfly" is a lightweight flying machine that have been developed as racers specifically for this annual event. Each user can customize the dragonfly according to his preferred specifications. They're hybrid machines: powered mostly by electricity but also relying a lot on the wind. It is up to the users to tinker with their machines and make it the best racer in the pack!

This year's race is especially unique because of the prize up for grabs -- an "eternal battery," an energy source that can permanently power a dragonfly!

Syaoran and the others will have to participate in the race and they'll count with the support of the organizer of the event and President of the most powerful company in the country (Piffle Princess), Tomoyo Daidōji, since she becomes her number one fan of Sakura (She has a very strong resemblance with her homonym in Cardcaptor Sakura).

Since the whole group registers in the race, they will have to compete with their "dragonflies". Kurogane's is called "Kurotan", Syaoran's is "Mokona" (because of its wings that resemble its ears), Fay's is "Tsubame" and Sakura's and Mokona's is "Wing Egg".

At last, after some mishaps, they all are classified for the finals. But there has been sabotage produced in the race, so it's guessed that it's one of the 12 classified. This causes Syaoran and his group to be suspected by Shougo, Akira, Suoh and the Piffle Company until their innocence is proven. Besides Tomoyo tells them Princess Tomoyo of Nihon has told them they would retrieve the feather in dreams, and to aid them as much as possible, even if she couldn't be impartial in the race.

In the finals, everyone falls into traps bit by bit. Only Sakura is left as the last chance, she risks and ends up winning the race. But in the trophy ceremony, the culprit shows up. Kyle Rondart tries to retrieve the feather, but he is stopped by Mokona. Before leaving he reveals that he was the same Kyle from Jade.

After another razzle-dazzle, Tomoyo reveals she planned some of the irregularities in the race in order to find those after the feather's power (Kyle), she was warned by Princess Tomoyo. Kurogane asked her about his Princess, and told Tomoyo to tell her he was coming home. After this the group leaves Piffle.

Later on in the Nihon Arc, Tomoyo Daidoji sends Fuuma a mechanical arm for Kurogane after he had cut it himself to save Fay in Celes.

It is Mentioned by Black Mokona that Syaoran and the Others revisit Piffle World Saying that they've been there before.


  • Piffle is one of CLAMP's homegrown brands. It is essentially a company that is associated with cute stuff, be it toys (Angelic Layer), persocoms (Chobits) or clothes (xxxHolic, CardCaptor Sakura, Legal Drug). In this world, Tomoyo is the head of the Piffle Princess company that is involved with researching the feather that they're offering as a prize in the Dragonfly race.

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