Sakura in her Pajamas

Costume features in episode: 1
Costume features in Chapter: N/A

Sakura wears her pajamas whilst capturing the Fly card in episode 1. When she notices the card, she does not have any time to change into her proper clothes and leaves her house through her window, wearing her pajamas. As Sakura has not yet told Tomoyo about the Clow Cards, Tomoyo does not make an outfit for Sakura to wear for capturing her first Clow card. Tomoyo only finds out about Sakura’s mission when she is filming the night sky and notices Sakura using the Fly card and it is only then that Tomoyo becomes Sakura’s official costume designer.

Sakura’s pajamas are light pink and consist of two parts, the shirt and the trousers. The shirt is long sleeved with a light beige collar with a star and a moon button on the edge of it. Lining the front of the shirt, is a row of three yellow star-shaped buttons and the cuffs are a light beige color. However, with this outfit, Sakura has made some adjustments, which include her roller-blading equipment: the elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and her roller blades. Overlapping her shirt are her elbow pads, which are yellow and red and on her hands are her red wrist guards, which also have her name, inscribed on them.

Her trousers are also light pink and have beige cuffs. Overlapping the trousers are her knee pads, which are red with a yellow pad on top of them. She also wears her roller blades for this outfit. The roller blades are white, red, yellow and the wheels of the roller blades are black. The parts of the roller blades hidden by Sakura’s pajama trousers are red where the top bits are white with several large holes where you can see the yellow part of the roller blade. There is also a bar on the top of the roller blade, which is used to keep the roller blade secure so that they don’t fall off.

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