Mokona of Cephiro

Mokona (モコナ, Mokona) is a fictional character from Clamp's first major series, Magic Knight Rayearth.


Mokona is a mischievous, nonsensical rabbit-like creature with a striking similarity to a white manju bun, with a red gem in his forehead above his eyes. From this gem he can produce a tent for the girls to sleep in, food, and other necessary supplies. He is unable to speak, aside from repeating the sound "puu", although Hikaru seems to be somewhat able to understand him. In the manga, Mokona is revealed to be the Creator of the Earth, Cephiro and the other planets, as well as the laws for each planet. In the ending of the second series, Mokona and the rest of the Mashin announce that they will be traveling to other dimensions.

In other media

In xxxholic and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles

Mokona of Cephiro is a separate character from Mokona Modoki from ×××HOLiC and Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. It is revealed that Yuko Ichihara and Clow Reed met the original Mokona of Cephiro during the creation of Cephiro, and that they learned of the existence of alternate realities because of Mokona. After this meeting, Yuko and Clow would go on to create the two Mokona Modokis based on the original Mokona. Several differences between the Mokona Modokis and Mokona of Cephiro include:

  • The two Mokona Modoki are smaller, with longer ears
  • One of them is black whilst the other is white (like the original)
  • Both Mokona Modokis can speak human language instead of Mokona's trademark 'puu', however, they occationally say it.
  • Both Mokona Modoki have 'secret techniques'.

In CLAMP in Wonderland

3 mokonas

The three Mokonas, reunited

Mokona of Cephiro make brief appearences in both CLAMP in Wonderland, non-canonical CLAMP homages. In the first one, Mokona is seen hopping in the buildings destroyed by the Mashins summonned by Hikaru, Fuu and Umi. As they try not to stomp it, they collapse and fall in the arms of Nokoru Imonoyama, Suoh Takamura and Akira Ijyuin from Clamp School Detectives. In CLAMP in Wonderland 2, it is seen flying with the Mokona Modokis; Soel seems to recognize it, so they greet at it.


  • Mokona was named after one of Clamp's artists – Mokona Apapa.
  • Voiced by Kaeko Sakamoto and Yuri Shiratori.