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Kero and Spinel in Sakura's room

Leave it to Kero-chan! is a anime special that is included in the special edition of the second Cardcator Sakura film: Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card. The short follows Kero and Spinel Sun in search for the last takuyaki ball.


Cardcaptor Sakura Leave it to Kero-Chan Movie FULL09:50

Cardcaptor Sakura Leave it to Kero-Chan Movie FULL

After the events of the second film, Sakura, Eriol, Tomoyo, Meiling, and Syaoran are having tea, while Kero and Spinel are having a small chit chat up in Sakura's bedroom, much to Spinel's displeasure. Sakura arrives, offering takuyaki, much to the happiness of Kero and the dislike and nervousness of Spinel. As Kero begins to chowdown on the food, Spinel questions the takuyaki to be sweet and have sugar, which Kero retaliates that no, and with a small taste of the food, Spinel also begin to eat the food.

As they are eating the food rather quickly, they find that they are now at their last takuyaki ball, much to their surprise. They both insist on the other to have it. Spinel goes after it, with Kero attacking it, both now wanting it. They begin a small duel with the sticks, with Spinel becoming unarmed and Kero going after it, and accidentally stepping on the plate, which sends the takuyaki ball flying. Both begin a chase after the small piece, which lands on Takashi Yamazaki's head, which rolls and replaces a small rubber ball (which oddly resembles a takuyaki ball) and Kero and Spinel begin to chase it.

Both nearly catch it, causing much commotion and causes Spinel to accidently land on a cake, which makes him drunk and go after the takuyaki, causing a large chase and stop when the takuyaki ball lands on the penguin slide. However, they both notice the outer coating fall off, revealing the octopus inside, and go after the piece. The piece lands on a large platter full takuyaki balls that are being cooked and return home saddened. Both return, saddened, and Spinel falls asleep. Sakura then comes in, asking why they were gone, which Kero says was the best adventure for the audience, much to Sakura's confusion. She informs him that her dad brought more takuyaki, much to his happiness, and finishes all of it except one, and is about to get it when he remembers about Spinel who is talking in his sleep. Kero, being sentimental, decides to leave Spinel just one.


  • Though both are supposed to act like toys, they are not during the chase, and yet are not noticed by any of the passing people.


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