Kyle Rondart
Kyle Rondart
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Also Known As Dr. Kyle
Relations Fei Wang Reed (creator)
Powers Use of magic
Interdimensional Travel
Gender Male
First Appearance
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLES - Episode 13 - Advocate of Illusions
Last Appearance
Ch. 211 - The Scorched Smie
Last Appearance
Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 2 - The Latter Part
Seiyuu Mitsuru Miyamoto
English Troy Baker

Kyle Rondart (Kairu Rondatto カイル=ロンダート), also called Dr. Kyle at the beginning of the story, is a villain in Clamp's series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


Kyle Rondart is an agent of Fei Wang Reed. He is first introduced in Jade country in the small town of Spirit as the kind doctor who was helping the towns people with their problems around the time the children started disappearing. He seems kind and sincere at first, but we later find out that through hypnotism he was the one that sends the children (most of them his patients) to the old castle to retrieve Sakura's feather for him. However he is exposed by the combined efforts of Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona. After the truth about his actions is revealed to the towns people he runs away into the castle and attempts to corner Sakura but the castle starts collapsing and he is seemingly killed while Syaoran and Sakura escape from the doomed castle. He re-appears in Piffle World as the very same person, knowing that Syaoran and his friends will likely assume he is just another incarnation of himself. In Piffle World he tries to sabotage the dragonfly race to get Sakura's feather (which was the grand prize for the winner of the race) but ends up losing the race to Sakura anyway. After Sakura is given her feather by Tomoyo, Kyle attempts to steal it from her but is thwarted by Mokona. At this point Kyle reveals himself to be the same one from Jade Country. He then escapes into another dimension to avoid being captured by Tomoyo's guards. He makes a brief appearance in Season 2 Episode 11 as a student in Kurogane's class. Whether or not this was the same Kyle Rondart or a another incarnation of himself is unknown. Kyle has recently returned, kidnapping the Clone Sakura's body and taking the feather after her soul was destroyed by the Clone Syaoran. Upon his leaving, the original Syaoran (Tsubasa Li) desperately calls out for him to wait, but it is too late. In chapter 181 he is seen along with Fei Wang and Clone Sakura's body.

Finally, it is discovered that he is another failed creation of Fei Wang Reed, and is killed by Fay D. Flourite, Kurogane and Syaoran as he masquerades as Fei Wang.


Kyle had a slender build and usually wore dark clothing. Interestingly, he also wore glasses that bore a slight resemblence to the glasses that Clow Reed wore. In the anime he had blue eyes when he was in Jade Country and Piffle World but in his final appearance in the anime his eyes were much darker. He had smooth black hair which was tied into a skinny pony tail using a ribbon.

Personality and Traits

In his first appearance in Jade Country, Kyle Rondart seems to be a very kind and compassionate man that cares a lot about the children of the town. However, it is later revealed that he was the one behind the disappearances and was using the children to get Sakura's feather from the castle. After the truth about him is revealed, Kyle reveals himself to be a quite clever and deceptive individual that had no scruples about killing in order to achieve his goal. This was shown when he held Sakura at gun point (knife point in the manga) in the castle and attempted to kill both Sakura and Syaoran to get the feather. In Piffle World it is revealed that he has ability to travel to different dimensions on his own. He was also able to generate a personal shield around himself to prevent Tomoyo's guards from stunning and capturing him, though this shield apparently had limitations and couldn't stop attacks from close range. He was extremely loyal to his master and creator, Fei Wang Reed. He risked his life on many occasions in an effort to get Sakura's feathers for him and he masqueraded himself as Fei Wang and died protecting his master while battling "Syaoran", Fai, and Kurogane.

Despite his evil actions, it is implied that there may have been a little bit of good in him. Before fleeing Piffle World he advised Syaoran to keep in mind the fact that as he travels to different dimensions that he is likely to come across people who have the same physical appearance as previous people he had met, but that he can never be certain whether they are paralells or really the same person. Whether or not Kyle was actually trying to subtly help Syaoran is unknown. Additionally, Kyle was visibly shocked and perhaps even a little hurt (emotionally) when Fei Wang told him that the orginal Sakura was destroyed after she was cloned. This implies that he perhaps cared about the original Sakura at least a little.

Powers And Abilities

Kyle has been shown to have the ability to hypnotise people, as shown when he hypnotised the children of Jade Country in order to get im the feather. He also appears to have the ability to disguise himself, as he was able to trick Fai, Kurogane and "Syaoran" into believing he was Fei Wang Reed.