Koryo Castle

Koryo Country

Koryo Country is a fictional country, one of the many countries visited by the main characters of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


After leaving the Hanshin Republic, Mokona drops the group off in the Country of Koryo. They land in a Market Place, and are soon noticed by the son of the Ryanban (The town of Ryonfi's Leader). The son lashes out at Sakura, almost using his whip on her, but Syaoran kicks him in the face brutally. Fay and Kurogane start remarking on Syaoran's kick when Chu'nyan appears. She mouths off on the Ryanban's son mostly calling him an "Idiot" and that he's "Stupid". The son then tells her to mind her own business and leaves. Syaoran then realizes that they made a mess of the Market Place and starts to pick up the discarded fruit.

Chu'nyan is a few yards away also picking up fruit, and listening to some adults behind her wishing that the Amen'osa, agents of the Central Government, would hurry up and get there and save them from the bad Ryanban. Chu'nyan then looks over to see Syaoran, Sakura, Fay, and Kurogane. She remarks loudly that they're wearing weird clothes, and comes up to Sakura. She asks, "Are you...?" But no one answers, not knowing what to say. Chu'nyan then says for them to come with her, dragging a sleepy Sakura with her. They make to her house and Chu'nyan just stares at them, waiting for them to say something. When Syaoran says that they really don't have anything to say, Chu'nyan realizes that they couldn't possibly be the Amen'osa, they're just children.

Chu'nyan's House

Chu'nyan's House

Syaoran then asks what the Amen'osa are. Chu'nyan tells them that the Amen'osa are agents sent around to the towns by the Central Government to make sure all the Ryanbans were being fair and not oppressive. Chu'nyan also says that the current Ryanban of Ryonfi used to be a traveling shinban, and a year ago he gained an amazing power. He then used it to chase the old Ryanban out of Ryonfi. Mokona then interupts exclaiming that the leader of the Amen'osa must be Mito Komon, and starts raving about him and what Yuuko has said about it. Chu'nyan then freaks out thinking that Mokona had been a white manju bun.

Syaoran starts thinking that it might be Sakura's feather that the Ryanban gained. Kurogane then says that that would be impossible since the Princess's feathers had only just been scattered, and the Ryanban gained the power a year ago. Fay explains that dimensions most likely have different time-flows.

The wind outside starts to rattle Chu'nyan's house, and she yells for no one to go outside. The wind then rips the doors open, and nearly blows everyone away. When the wind stops Chu'nyan yells into the hole in her roof that the Ryanban is responsible for everything, including the death of her Omoni (mother).

After awhile Chu'nyan takes Syaoran, Sakura, and Mokona out on the town to look of the feather, while Fay and Kurogane work on Chu'nyan's roof. Sakura starts playing a game that uses dice, whoever rolls the highest number wins. The man who had rolled before had rolled an eleven, and the only way Sakura could beat him is if she rolled a six on both cubes...which she does, shocking everyone. No matter how many times Sakura rolls, she always got two sixes on the dice. Syaoran and Sakura get some clothes that fit the country of Koryo and several other items. Syaoran also starts to wonder if it was right for them to take all that stuff. Chu'nyan asks something about Sakura's past, but Sakura replies that she only remembers her name and a small town back in Clow Country. She then explains that the reason she is traveling is to regain her memories, at least that's what Syaoran has told her.

Syaoran looks down solemnly at his mention, and remembers the memory of Sakura asking if she could just call him "Syaoran" without the "-kun" at the end. The young Syaoran blushes, and then Sakura goes on by saying that he could just call her "Sakura" now. Syaoran comes back from his happy memory and agrees with the Princess. They are interrupted by a scream, the Ryanban's son had come tax-collecting to an old man and his daughter, and they could not pay because the prices were twenty times what the old Ryanban charged. The son then says that he'd take away their shop if they didn't pay up, and the daughter pleas that her father is very sick. The son pulls out his whip. Sakura dashes in to shield the old man and his daughter, and Syaoran blocks the whip, one foot on the son's head. The son and Syaoran start battling, and the Ryanban's son pulls out a really big fan that Chu'nyan recognizes as her Omoni's fan. Her Omoni had been a shinban also, and could therefore use the secret arts, but she'd never use them like this. Syaoran manages to destroy the soldiers that were summoned from the fan, and starts winning. But the Ryanban, using the power of Sakura's feather brings a whirlwind to ruin it, drawing blood from Syaoran's head. Sakura dashes up to him. The Ryanban's son then says that the old man and the daughter would each receive lashes from his whip if they did not pay their taxes next time. Chu'nyan then takes them home, and Sakura treats Syaoran's wound. Fay and Kurogane get their Koryo outfits too. The group decides that they need to take the Ryanban down, and ask Chu'nyan if the town had ever tried revolting before. Chu'nyan answers that they have tried but they could never get past the wall because of the power that was protecting it. Mokona calls up Yuuko to see if they could get something to break the shield. Yuuko says that she does have something, but it requires a price. Fay offers his staff from Celes, because he won't need it anymore since he has vowed to no longer use magic without his tattoo. Yuuko trades it, and they receive something that looks like a ball of mud. They then set out, but Syaoran makes Chu'nyan stay home with Sakura. Chu'nyan gets upset about it, thinking that Syaoran didn't let her go because she was just a kid. But Syaoran had known that Chu'nyan couldn't withstand anymore emotional hurt.


The Kiishim

Kurogane, Fay, Syaoran, and Mokona make it to the Castle wall, and Syaoran kicks the mud ball as hard as he can toward the invisible shield that surrounds it. The shield breaks, and they enter the Ryanban's Castle. They head down a hallway, but then Syaoran realizes that it's a trick, even though they never turned. Fay asks how he knew, and Syaoran picks up a game piece that he dropped near the entrance. Fay reaches toward the wall, and sense magic there, so he tells Kurogane to relieve his anger and punch in the wall. Behind the wall is a Kiishim, that is there to protect the Ryanban. She tells them that they wouldn't be leaving her chamber alive. The Kiishim creates an illusion, that is painfully real. It is filled with giant orbs of liquid that burns anything it touches. Syaoran makes the mistake in putting his foot in the water in the bottom of the room, and realizes that it's the same kind of liquid. Fay breaks a lamppost, and gets a rod to fend off the orbs. Kurogane gets another piece, and they start fighting back. The Kiishim remarks that she hasn't had this much fun since a woman shinban fought with her. Fay asks if that was Chu'nyan's mother, and the Kiishim answers that she did mention a daughter by that name. Fay senses that the magic is weakest above them, so Kurogane catapults Syaoran with his rod towards it. Syaoran is able to break free with Mokona. The Kiishim then remarks that since Syaoran got away, Fay and Kurogane would definitely never leave alive.

Syaoran makes his way to where the Ryanban is, and is met with his son. The son had been given a muscular body by his father's power. Syaoran tries in vain to defeat him and is blown into a wall. The son then grabs Mokona, trying to figure out what Mokona is. He starts swing Mokona around by the ears, and Syaoran reacts by kicking him again. The Ryanban's son asks why he is putting his injured foot up as a guard, and starts squeezing it. Syaoran answers that it isn't a guard, and swings around to kick him brutally with his other foot. The defeat of the Ryanban's son puts cracks into the glass orb containing Sakura's feather. Syaoran makes it to his chamber, and walks up to him. The Ryanban confidently remarks that Syaoran couldn't possibly defeat him with the power of the feather. Syaoran kicks his hat off, showing silently that he shouldn't bet on that. The townsmen, under the Ryanban's control, surround the Ryanban and force Syaoran away. Syaoran starts to fight back, but the Ryanban reveals Sakura and Chu'nyan above him in an orb, and if Syaoran was to put a single finger on him or the men, the two young ladies would feel his wrath. Syaoran doesn't fight back, but he tries to stay alive dodging the men's weapons. He starts getting hit brutally, and Sakura screams "Syaoran!". Syaoran realizes that they are fakes, because Sakura hasn't called him just "Syaoran" since she lost her memories, only "Syaoran-kun". The real Chu'nyan and Sakura appear, and Chu'nyan yells for the men to wake up, holding a mirror. The men realize where they are and stop attacking Syaoran.

Meanwhile in the Kiishim's lair, Fay and Kurogane ahd escaped death a multitude of times. Fay rushes down at the Kiishim, and Kurogane appears behind him, breaking the stone on the Kiishim's forehead. The Kiishim kisses him, thanking him for breaking the stone that confined her in the cowardly Ryanban's Castle. The illusion shatters, and Fay and Kurogane hurry to meet up with Syaoran. The Kiishim appears in the Ryanban's chamber, starting to drag him back to her country as thanks for her stay in his castle. The Ryanban pleas that if he is allowed to stay he thinks he could use the feather to bring Chu'nyan's mother back. But Chu'nyan sees through his lies, because her mother had told her that no matter what you cannot bring the dead back to life. Syaoran tells her that she can take her revenge now if she wanted, but Chu'nyan answers that the man isn't worth the strength to hit him. The Kiishim takes her leave with the Ryanban, leaving the feather behind. Syaoran takes it and gives it to Sakura. Sakura falls asleep in a memory of one of her birthdays, though the seat that Syaoran should have been sitting in is empty, and she doesn't understand why she was so happy to the empty chair.

After getting some healing salve the group take their leave by Mokona. After they leave the Amen'osa show up, and Chu'nyan doesn't believe it because they're just children. Nokoru pulls out the seal, and Chu'nyan is amazed, remembering her spout to Syaoran and Sakura that they couldn't possibly be Amen'osa because they were just children. Chu'nyan tells the Amen'osa that the town of Ryonfi had decided to govern itself and didn't need a Ryanban. Nokoru accepts.


  • Several of the characters in Koryo Country originally appeared in CLAMP's series Legend of Chun Hyang, including Chu'nyan herself, who is the main character in the series.
  • The Kiishim is originally the character, Debonair, from the second season of the Magic Knight Rayearth anime.
  • The Amen'osa are Nokoru Imonoyama, Suoh Takamura, and Akira Ijyuin from Clamp School Detectives.
  • Koryo Country was apparently modelled after ancient Korea.



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