King Ashura
Ashuraou tsubasa
Ashura King of Celes
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Relations Fay D. Flourite (protegeé)
Residence Celes
Powers High-level magic
Gender Male
First Appearance
TRC chapter 2
First Appearance
TRC episode 1
Last Appearance
TRC chapter 165
Last Appearance
TRC OVA, "Tsubasa Shunraiki: Zenpen"
Seiyuu None
English None

King Ashura (阿修羅王, Ashura-O) is a fictional character from CLAMP's Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and is also a crossover character from their debut manga RG Veda. He must not be confused with King Ashura from Shara Country; they're both crossovers from RG Veda, but Ashura from Shara is based on the main character of the series, while King Ashura is based on his father.


Ashura is the king of the cold country of Celes. Little is known about his past, but from the happiness and loyalty of the people, he is implied to had been a kind and compassionate ruler. During a travel he did to Valeria Country, he met a little boy with the corpse of his twin brother; the last inhabitant of the country. The boy introduced himself as Fay, and Ashura took him under his care. Back in Celes, Ashura put the corpse of the twin brother in a crystalline coffin, on an underwater tomb, and then placed a talisman made of a natural mineral from Celes, the flourite, and named Fay after that stone, giving him a surname. He also gave him the title "D", for Celes' biggest magician, changing his name to Fay D. Flourite. Since he knew about the curse Fei Wong Reed has put on Fay, and about his desire of helping the people in the country, he put a phoenix-shaped tattoo on his back, so his powers won't grow further, so he could practice magic, freely. He also became his tutor, teaching him different kinds of magic, but Fay would only learn offensive magic, so Ashura told him that even a smile would heal a heart, changing Fay's serious demeanor to a more happy-go-lucky.

Years later, when Fay became an adult, a savage beast started attacking Celes' civilians. Fay wanted to help, but Ashura told him that to do so, he had to defeat him. The truth was that Ashura had a personality disorder, he could become a wild murderer in order to increase his magical powers; the main reason of raising Fay was to use the curse on him, that would dissapear after being used once, so Fay could kill him to stop the genocide.

Fay was so loyal to him, that he wouldn't dare to kill him, so he used a spell Ashura taught him, putting him in a deep sleep, even though he knew that it only gave him a little more time. He placed him in a crystalline coffin and put him on the same underwater tomb where Fay's brother was. Fay then told Chii, a creature he had created to guard the tomb, to stay in Celes to overlook after him too, and to told him when he awakes. Then Fay left to meet The Dimensional Witch.


It was during the stance of the group in Infinity World when Fay received a telepathic message from Chii, telling him that Ashura has finally awaken. After they won the Human Chess Championship, and when Sakura absorbed two additional feathers, from Chii and from the prize of the contest, a robot resembling Freya from Chobits, her powers surpassed Fay's, activating the curse, forcing him to stab her. To protect herself Sakura used the robot to escape, but due to the interference created by Chii's messages, her soulless body was dragged to Celes while the soul went to the Dream World. When Syaoran and the group arrived to the castle, Ashura appears with Fay's brother corpse, being apparently animated by Ashura's magic, and uses his powers to show them Fay's past, which make Kurogane attack them. Despite being horrified because now his comrades know about his past, Fay decide to protect Ashura. During the fight, Fay's brother's body was damaged, distracting Fay, so Kurogane could defeat him. Ashura then explained Kurogane his plan and attacked Syaoran and Sakura. This enraged Fay who tried to kill Ashura, but since his magic was halved, he was unable to do so. Just before Ashura's final attack, Kurogane intercepted him and stabbed him oh the chest, instantly killing him. His body is then trapped in Celes by Fay's second curse.


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