"Obey the command! Fire God, Come Forth!"

-Syaoran Li/Tsubasa Li

Episode 57

Syaoran using 'Kashin Shourai' on a small scale.

  • Kanji = 火神招来
  • Hiragana = かしんしょうらい
  • Romaji = Kashin Shōrai
  • Literal English = Fire God: Summoning
  • English TV = Element: Fire
  • Users = Syaoran Li/Tsubasa Li

Kashin Shourai is one of Syaoran Li's attack spells, using his Ceramonial Jian, and a Taoist paper charm, (A Jufu (呪符)), with the character on it. It can be used to generate fireballs; can be used to provide illumination.  Unlike his counterpart, Tsubasa Li doesn't use the paper with the sword, he simply uses two fingertips to summon the spell.

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