Kamui Tsubasa
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Relations Subaru (Twin Brother)
Residence Tokyo (formerly)
Currently unknown
Powers Enlongated Lifetime
Strenghted Resistance
Interdimensional Travel
Enlongment of claws
Gender Male
First Appearance
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Ch.108 - The Country on Shifting Sands
First Appearance
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations - Episode 1 - The Magician's Message
Last Appearance
Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 2 - The Latter Part
Seiyuu Mamoru Miyano
English Micah Solusod

Kamui ( 神威, Divine Spirit) is a character seen in Clamp's series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Kamui is a crossover character from one of Clamp's earlier works, X.


Like his brother, Kamui is a black-haired, thin, tall young man. However he is different to him because of his rush manners, and his rivalry with Fuuma, Seishirō's brother. He vowed to protect Subaru no matter any circumstances, and won't let Seishirō, catch them. His personality is similar to X/1999's Kamui's, cold an ruthless, and his relayionship with Fuuma, however, it differs in the fact that Kamui never cared for Fuuma (unlike in X, where Fuuma was beloved to Kamui), fiercely attacking him any time they met.


Kamui and his twin brother Subaru arrived to Tokyo about two years before Syaoran and their group, escaping from the fortnue hunter, Seishiro. Due to the space-time discordance because of the shatter of the Sakura's feathers, one of them fell into the water reservoir of the Goverment Building. Subaru was drawn into it, attracted by the power of the feather, and put inside a coccoon. Kamui was later found by the people that lived there, and thinking he was a theif, they attacked him; but were defeated. Kamui bowed to protect the water, and Subaru inside. Two years before, Fuma, Seichiro's younger brother had arrived too, and allied with the people form the Tokyo Tower, who also had a water reservoir and a refiner to purify it, and so, often fight with Kamui's group. That's how they started their constant battles, for food and water. Years later, Syaoran, Fay, Kurogane, Mokona and an asleep Sakura arrived from LeCourt City, wounded. Kamui and his partners attacked them thinking they were theives, but after a battle with Kurogane (which ended in a draw), and Fay explaining what is really happening, they allow them to stay with them, if they can work for their food. While hunting a mutant, they meet Fuma and the Tower Group, and discover their rivalities. Just then, Mokona tracks the feather below the Goverment Building, which annoy Kamui. In the water reservoir, thinking that his blood would awake Subaru, he start attacking Syaoran, but during the fight, the right-eye seal on him breaks, turning him into a berserler beast. Kamui realizes that Syaoran is not human and tries to kill him, but is stopped by Fye. Syaoran attacks him and eats one of his eyes, but when he was about to eat the other one, he is stopped by Kurogane. Then, Kamui feels the presence of someone coming, someone is not the person hunting them, is the real Syaoran. The two Syaoran fight and when the real one is about to finish off the clone, he is stopped by Sakura, who has awaken. The clone uses this opportunity to stab Syaoran's leg. He then opens the barrier protecting Sakura and Subaru, Kamui tries to stop them, but his twin stops him. As the clone dissapears, Subaru opens his coccoon, as he is not trapped by the feather anymore and reunites with his brother. He tell Subaru to escape now, before Seichiro found them, but he ask to wait a little more. In the building, Subaru, to fulfill Kurogane's wish to save Fay, is ready to give him his blood to turn him into a vampire. Kamui, who didin't want to hurt him, gives his blood instead, mixing it with Kurogane's. After Sakura finishes the requirements for the wish of bringing fresh water to Tokyo, and leaves her feather so it wont corrupt, the group leaves. Kamui and his brother leave shortly after, and so far, had not been caught.




Kamui is the second of the vampire twins whom Seishirō is hunting, the other being Subaru. His true identity is revealed when he attacks Syaoran's clone in an attempt to use his blood to awaken Subaru. Kamui is originally the protagonist in the manga X. He and Subaru gained the power to traverse dimensions together from Yūko. Kamui vows that he will never let Seishiro catch up with them, but then Fuuma remarks "Don't count on it."

It should be noted that while Subaru really had a twin in the original Tokyo Babylon and X stories, it was not Kamui; in fact Subaru and Kamui were not even of the same age. Instead, Subaru had a twin sister named Hokuto, who, even though she was a major character in Tokyo Babylon and also appeared in X, has yet to make an appearance in Tsubasa.


He, like his "brother" can extend their nails which can be used to jab, slice and cut things. The nails are incredibly sharp. And, being pure vampires, they have incredible healing abilities, healing wounds in a matter of minutes, and also having an abnormally long life.