Hanshin Republic

Hanshin Republic

The Hanshin Republic is the first world the main characters of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle travel to.



Kudan are familiar-like spirits from this world. The image features the three main characters' Kudan

The Hanshin Republic is the home of Arashi and Sorata Arisugawa. They teach the group many things about the world, like the money is called "Koko" (Tiger). This world also has a thing called Kudan, which is kind of like a guardian spirit. Anyone who enters the world automatically has a Kudan attached. Masayoshi helps Syaoran and the others by guiding them around town with his very low leveled Kudan, who's only special skill is to find people. There are two gangs brawling at this time. One of them is lead by Shōgo Asagi, with his Special Kudan that looks similar to a Manta-Ray. Shōgo immediatly comments on Syaoran's Special level Kudan (Similar to Rayearth from Magic Knight Rayearth). Primera hears about this, and in a plan to get Shōgo to spend time with her attempts to kidnap Syaoran. She ends up kidnapping Masayoshi-kun and Mokona. Syaoran, Fay D. Flourite, and Kurogane instantly follow, because they realize that they can't communicate without Mokona. Primera realizes that Masayoshi-kun isn't Syaoran,(and after crying) begins battling Fay. Fay is defeated, as he is blown into a tree. Shōgo then appears, after listening to Primera whine about never being able to see him, and tells her that the kid dangling from the roof (Masayoshi-kun) isn't Syaoran. Shōgo then battles Syaoran, but it ends with Syaoran the winner. Masayoshi's will power goes up, wanting to be like Syaoran and save Primera from the crumbling building, and his Kudan increases in size. His Kudan grows to be taller than the building Primera was in. Mokona tells the group that Sakura's feather is inside Masayoshi-kun's Kudan. Syaoran proceeds to extract the feather from inside of Masayoshi-kun's Kudan, being urged on my Masayoshi-kun. (and getting burned). Syaoran gives the feather to Sakura, and she wakes up. She askes "Who are you?" to Syaoran, who is obviously hurt by the remark but continues to tell her about why they are journeying and that she is the Princess of Clow. Fay comes in and introduces himself, allowing Syaoran to leave. Syaoran goes outside and is comforted by all three Kudan. The next day Shōgo lets Masayoshi-kun enter his group and Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane, and Fay leave for a new world via Mokona.


Kudan mashin

Comparation between the Kudan from Hanshin Republic and the Three Mashin from Magic Knight Rayearth

  • The Kudan of Fay, Kurogane and Syaoran are identical to the three mashins from Magic Knight Rayearth - Rayearth is Syaoran's, Celes in Kurogane's and Windom is Fay's. It is possible that these are the same characters from Magic Knight Rayearth since they (and the original Mokona) left to travel through dimensions at the end of Magic Knight Rayearth.
    • Additionally, the shape of the three main characters kudan resemble the price they had to pay to Yuuko Ichihara to travel through the dimmensions:
      • Fay's Kudan is a giant green 4-winged phoenix-like bird, similar to the tatoo he left in the shop.
      • Kurogane's Kudan is a dragon, similar to his sword Ginryuu, who was also dragon-themed.
      • Syaoran's Kudan is a big fire-maned wolf. Syaoran name means "Little Wolf" and the price he had to pay is that Sakura wouldn't regain any memory of him, she wouldn't remember the "Little Wolf".
  • Masayoshi's Kudan is the character, Sanyun, from Magic Knight Rayearth.
  • Primera is a crossover character from Magic Knight Rayearth.
  • Sorata and Arashi Arisugawa are crossover characters from CLAMP's series X.
  • Shōgo Asagi is a crossover character from the X feature film.