Fuma Tsubasa
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Relations Seishirō (brother)
Powers Interdimesional Travel
Gender Male
First Appearance
First Appearance
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Episode 1 - "The Magician's Message"
Last Appearance
Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 2 - The Latter Part
Seiyuu Yūji Kishi
English Joel McDonald

Fūma (封真 Sealed Truth ) is a character in Clamp's series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. He is a crossover character from one of Clamp's earlier works, X.


Fūma is Seishirō's younger brother, who is also a treasure hunter and apparent leader of the people of the Tower. He arrived in 'Tokyo' four years earlier along with a feather of Sakura's. Little is known about him right now, but he does seem to have an interest in Kamui and he seems to be friends with Yūko, for whom he retrieves items for whenever he traverses to different dimensions. One of these items is the compass he loaned Sakura in Tokyo, after she broke it Fūma reveals that Yūko is his employer and said that is was all right for her to break it. Fūma later appeared in the Nihon Country to give Kurogane a robotic arm. He then stayed to witness the battle between his brother and Syaoran. Afterward, he teased his brother about his strange actions. Fūma was the antagonist in X, opposite protagonist Kamui. In the original story he and Seishirō were merely on the same team and not blood related at all. Fūma/Kamui and Seishirō/Subaru are two pairs of characters with deeply intertwined storylines in their own original manga, X and Tokyo Babylon respectively, which also crossed over. Their relationships are paralleled in Tsubasa.


Despite being the younger brother of the violent Seishiro, he is a very kind and sympathetic character (similar to the original self of his counterpart from X). Although they were in different alliances during the Tokyo arc, he quickly becomes friends with Syaoran and his group, their group even joins Kamui's when Yūko sends the the purified water they needed, and in the Nihon arc, the pure-hearted Mokona feels happy and excited to see him. His relationship with Kamui is complicated; Kamui seems to hold a deep hatred towards him, not hestiating on attacking him every time they meet, however, Fūma seems to have no intention on harming him, in fact, he seems to care for him. Fūma blames his brother of his rivality with Kamui, because Seishiro is keen on hunting Subaru, Kamui wants to protect his twin, and thus, not trusting anyone related to him. Furthermore, Fūma calls his brother a troublesome and weird person, but always keeping in good terms with him.