Fei Wang Reed
Fei Wang Reed in the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle OVAs
Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Age Unknown (deceased)
Relations Clow Reed (distant relative)
Residence Clow Country, cut-off time
Powers Incredible magical ability
Creation of Lifeforms
Travel dimensions
Rewind time
Gender Male
First Appearance
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Chapitre 1
First Appearance
Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 1
Last Appearance
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Chapitre 230
Last Appearance
Tsubasa: Shunraiki Episode 2
Seiyuu Kazuhiro Nakata
English Randy Tallman (First season)
R Bruce Elliott (Second season and OVAs)

Fei Wang Reed (飛王・リード, Fei Wong Rīdo) is the primary antagonist in the manga series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. He is also mentioned in its sister publication, xxxHolic.


A mysterious and powerful villain who is after Sakura's feathers. He is later revealed to be a direct descendant of Clow Reed and well aware of the powers of the Dimension Witch. He was the one who imprisoned the real "Syaoran" and created the Syaoran who is the protagonist of Tsubasa. Though he already possesses the power to cross dimensions like the High Priest of Clow and Princess Tomoyo, he seeks the power of Sakura's wings to "bring back a dream that has already ended" which is foreshadowed in TRC and ×××HOLiC to involve reviving someone who has died (Yuuko, TRC chapter 220). He is ruthless in pursuing this dream and not care on how much blood has to be shed to get that power; those he has killed (or arranged to be killed) include Kurogane's mother, Xing Huo and the real Fay. His true objective is not to obtain Sakura's feathers; rather, the scattering Sakura's memories was to force her to travel between dimensions so her physical memories would contain a map of the dimensions. This is necessary, in combination with the ruins below Clow Country, to grant Fei Wang's wish.

Events before the main storyline

Fei Wang appears in flashback in chapter 196, during Sakura's purification ceremony. Despite the best efforts of "Syaoran", Fei Wang places an 'engraved seal of death' upon Sakura, claiming that it will help grant his wish. He repels "Syaoran's" attacks effortlessly, almost killing him. He is next seen in chapter 200, as Nadeshiko stops time after the enrgaved seal of death begins to kill Sakura. Shortly after, "Syaoran" has his time reversed by Yuuko, allowing Fei Wang to abduct him and create the clone. Fei Wang also remarks that Watanuki is an 'unnatural being' created for the sake of taking "Syaoran's" place. Fei Wang states that if he can't use Syaoran or Watanuki, he will simply create another Syaoran. He also says that because Syaoran broke the taboo of turning back time, his wish of restoring life to one who has passed can be granted, despite what Clow had said.

Present Day

In Chapter 122 of xxxHoLiC, Yuuko reveals in a monologue that he is responsible for the soul stealing entities featured in Volume 5. Also, in chapter 181 of Tsubasa, Yuuko also reveals that this was when she discovered his whereabouts and that he needs the souls for the sake of his dream. Following the souls leads to his location.

It has also been revealed in chapter 178 of Tsubasa that the Sakura travelling with the Tsubasa group is, in fact, a clone. He has kept the real Sakura's soul alive for the sake of his dream, but the body has "disappeared" (although, in another translation it says her body was "destroyed"). Clone Sakura's soul has been killed, though he still needs her body which was taken by his assistant Kyle Rondart.

In chapter 181 a revelation was made: His location. He is located in a "cut-off" time of Clow Country, from the words of Yuuko.

He appears to the Tsubasa group directly in chapter 205, apparently still in control of the Clone. He unleashes his 'failed creations' to battle Fay and Kurogane whilst the Clone battles Syaoran. When the Clone seemingly kills Syaoran, and drags his body to Fei Wang, Fei Wang remarks that he can use Syaoran's body to host the Clone's soul, but his speech is cut short when Syaoran, who had faked his death, stabs Fei Wang with the Clone's Hien. Fei Wang attempts to retaliate, but the Clone blocks Fei Wang with his own body. The Clone then casts magic to dismantle the cave, much to everyone's shock (including Fei Wang's). After the Clone drags Fei Wang's viewing portal out, Fei Wang removes his blade in a fit of rage and attempts to strike both Syaorans down with magic, but the original Syaoran blocks the magic.

"Fei Wang" is revealed to be Kyle after being attacked by the group, and the real Fei Wang appears with the Clone Sakura, unharmed. He reveals that Clow Country is actually the future of Tokyo, and that the feather Sakura left willingly behind is the power he seeks. He starts time again, and returns the feather to Sakura, but Syaoran manages to free the younger Sakura from the seal. Fei Wang remarks that the hand Syaoran took had severed the final chain, calling one, who had suffered the same fate as Sakura, to Clow Country. This person is revealed to be none other than Yuuko herself, who states that her time had started moving again, and that she would release Sakura and Syaoran from the tube (seen in the first chapter). Sakura and Syaoran attempt to use their magic to "clean" Princess Sakura's feathers of the various dimensions that had been travelled. Fei Wang, furious, attacks the pair, vowing that his wish would not be undone. After realising the pair are in fact the reincarnated clones, and that Yuko has died, Fei Wang seals Syaoran and Sakura into the tube, but "Syaoran" and "Sakura" are also pulled in. Fei Wang vows to kill them all once he finds a way to bring Yuko back, but is distracted when both Sakuras use their power to break free of the tube. Kurogane siezes this distraction and kills Fei Wang, however, Fei Wang breaks apart, much like Clone Syaoran had.

All distortions caused by Fei Wang are undone with his death, however, the clones also disappear as their creator no longer exists in the timeline.

It is hinted that Fei Wang Reed was created as the counterpoint to Clow Reed's unspoken wish.