Eriol's Battle Costume

Costume first features in episode: 47
Costume first features in Chapter: N/A

This is Eriol’s battle costume. Eriol uses this outfit when he uses his magic and when he faces Sakura in episode 69. This costume is based on Clow Reed’s outfit.

This costume mainly consists of blue, yellow and black material. The main robe of the costume is all black with dark blue rims. The robe is held together by a yellow waist band and the sleeves of the robe are long although they are not as long as Syaoran’s or Meiling’s costumes sleeves. On top of the main robe is a long collar that extends to Eriol’s waist and it has dark blue rims with a light blue semi circle extending over the two parts of the collar and a yellow sun. Underneath the robe, there are white trousers and a white overall. On the back of the robe, there is a black cloak, which is very long, and it has a light blue inside.

The hat is very pointy and is designed to be placed on the side of Eriol’s head. On the left tip of the hat, there is a yellow spike, which is all around the tip of the hat, and there are also dark blue spikes as well. The shoes are plain black with dark blue buckles.

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