The Dream World is a location seen in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic.

The Dream World is first mentioned by Yūko Ichihara, after Sakura splits her soul from her body and has her soul sent to the Dream World. Kimihiro Watanuki gains the ability to enter the Dream World before this point (although the ability is involuntary). He keeps Sakura company inside the Dream World until "Syaoran" is able to enter to retrieve Sakura. However, Watanuki leaves the dream world before witnessing the battle between the two Syaorans (clone and Original) and Sakura's 'death' at the hands of the Clone Syaoran. Watanuki does not re-enter the Dream World for some time, although when he does, he speaks with Haruka Doumeki (the grandfather of Shizuka Dōmeki). Yūko also enters the Dream World at times, and it is here where Watanuki promises to grant Yūko's wish. Yūko also finally meets Haruka in the Dream World.